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Provari P3 - Firmware Update

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Brand: Provape USA
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As an authorised ProVape dealer, Pink Mule has been amongst the first to become an "upgrade centre" for ProVari™ Beta and ProVari™ P3 firmware. This means you can now update your Provari without having to send it to the USA!

At present there are two different versions of the new Provari P3: The Beta that is V.3.1 and The Provari P3 that is V.3.5.

Both versions can now be upgraded to version 3.8.
The upgrades have the following features and improvements:

Version 3.5:

  • Increased maximum output from 5 to 5.5 Amp.
  • Voltage and Wattage "tied together" based on the resistance of the atomizer. 
  • Added option to change Voltage up or down without having to go into the A-up or A-down section.
  • Added acceleration feature when you go through the Voltage or Wattage selection. Change the scrolling speed by pressing the button for more than two seconds.
  • "Go-back button" lets you return to the previous menu.
  • Minor cosmetic adjustments.

Ver 3.6:

  • Minor cosmetic adjustments.

Ver 3.8:

  • Allows the unit to sub-ohm to .5 ohms.
  • Low Battery Alert - When the device gets down to 18% left in the battery, the light will slowly flash yellow to alert you that it's getting low.
  • CheckAll (1 second) - The CheckAll feature now has the option to set it to 1 second. This allows for a quick look at your settings without leaving the display on for 5 or more seconds.
  • Money Saved Counter - This new feature allows you to set the price of a pack of cigarettes and the P3 will keep track of: How many cigarettes avoided, puff count, and how much money you have saved on cigarettes, based on the amount you set per pack. Every time you vape, this will keep track of your stats for these categories.

*When the update is done by an authorised ProVape dealer, your guarantee will not become void.

You buy the update in the same way as you would buy a physical product on and then send your ProVari™ to Pink-Mule. You will then pay for the update and when you check out you pay the usual shipping fee for your country/area.

You then send your ProVari™ to the following address:

Pink Mule SL
Calle Real 6-8
06670 Herrera del Duque
ES Spain

*Please remember to enclose the order-number or a printed copy of the order itself.
Make sure you send your ProVari™ in a secure package and via a registered mail or courier service.

*Pink Mule cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your Provari while it is en route to Pink Mule.

As soon as we have recieved your Provari it will be updated (probably the same day) and sent back to you so you will be ready to enjoy an "updated ProVari™ vape" as soon as possible.




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