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Brand: Provape USA
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ProVari End Cap Polished Steel - Pink Mule™ ProVari End Cap Polished Steel - Pink Mule™ DKR 129.13 Qty:
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The classic version of the standard Provari V2.5.

This version uses an 18490 / 18500 battery as standard. You can get more battery life by buying an end cap, as you can then use the 18650 battery instead.

If you are looking for the best quality and most handsome e-cig on the market, Provari is the answer.

The coating is made with a strong ceramic finish, which will not show fingerprints.

Provari is supplied without batteries, charger or atomisers.


Provari functions:

  • Microprocessor-controlled
  • Variable 2.9-6.0 volts with steps of 0.1 volts
  • Built-in digital display
  • AccuSet™ Technology - Self-calibration
  • Resistance (OHMS) meter
  • Check for battery current
  • Built-in indicator showing low battery current (the button lights up)
  • Designed just to take one battery (never put two in)
  • 510 connector
  • The classic look, made of stainless steel
  • Safety: 16 second cutoff
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Protects against your inserting the battery the wrong way round
  • Thermal monitoring system
  • Maximum output 3.5 Amp.
  • Battery monitoring, prevents excessive battery discharge
  • Machine-engraved logo
  • Good and safe ventilation if your battery needs it

*We recommend ordering the extended end cap option when you purchase this device, so they match. Due to the variance in paint on the end cap, if you order the extended end cap at a later time we cannot match it to your device.

*Remember to only use IMR batteries in your Provari. Either AW or Efest. Protected cells can ruin both your Provari and your battery. IMR battery cells are made in a different way, and provides safety.


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