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Re-Wraps 26650/26500 Batteries x 5

Precio: DKR 20.00
Sin IVA: DKR 16.00
Marca: Andre
Modelo: 5x 26650
Tamaño: 0 x 42 x 72.3
Disponibilidad: En stock

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new coat for your batteries

Any vaper using external rechargable batteries in their Mods, knows the problem of torn or damaged battery wraps.
Here is the solution!

The problem is simple: A high quality battery has a lifespan of aprox. 500 charging cycles. This means many, many times in and out of Mods and chargers, resulting in wear and tear of the battery's plastic surface or "wrapping".
A torn wrapping means an unsafe and therefore unsuable battery. A crying shame that is! 

Now you can buy this set of 10 fresh plastic wraps and re-wrap the batteries yourself, thus prolonging your battery's life considerably in an easy and affordable way.

Simply remove the damaged wrap from your battery, roll the new wrap around it, leaving 1 - 1½mm sticking over the end in each side. Then use a hairdryer to heat up the new wrap. This will make it shrink or contract to perfectly fit the battery.
That's it! Your trusty battery is ready for serving it's full time.

The wraps are fitted for 26650 batteries, but you can easily fit them to 26500 size with a sissor.


  • Material: PVC.
  • Fits 26650 batteries but can be used on 26500 size as well.

Purchase is for:
5 wraps for your 26650 batteries.

*Purchase is for the 5 wraps only. Battery is shown as illustration.


How to re-wrap your batteries.


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