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The tank can be unscrewed from the other parts and it has replaceable atomizer heads which can be purchased separately.
  • The VIVI can contain up to 3.5 ml of eliquid which is more than enough for a whole day of good vaping.
  • The clearomizer head can be unscrewed and replaced when worn out, or to change flavours.
  • The tank itself is made of polycarbonate. Besides, its metal cover makes it a little more fun to vape thanks to its variety of colors.
  • You can always see how much is left in the tank, through a slot in the holster. Likewise, you will not be bothered by the not so pretty colour change of the eliguid when it heats up.


You will buy be buying:
  • A 3.5 ml transparent graduated tank to see how much liquid there is left in the tank, and a metal cover. 
  • Black drip tip (you can also use different 510 drip tips).
  • A total of 3 pieces of atomizer heads of 1.8, 2.4 and 2.8 Ohm.
  • Small storage box with room for both the tank and the 2 extra atomizer heads.

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