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Carry Pouch - Light Brown

Price: DKR 29.96
Ex Tax: DKR 23.97
Brand: Andre
Product Code: Lader02
Size: 88 x 208 x 0
Availability: In Stock


Carry Pouch - Dark Brown Carry Pouch - Dark Brown DKR 29.96 Qty:
Carry Pouch - Brown Carry Pouch - Brown DKR 29.96 Qty:
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DKR 29.96
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The classic stylish look leather pouch is ideal for packing and keeping together your ecig gear.

Made from leather this case will hold almost any mod and room for more. The simple but stylish design wont look out of place in any situation and keep all your vaping needs together whilst on the go.

With an elastic loop and fasterning clip for security you can rest easy knowing your vape gear is safe and equally protected with this storage pouch.

Approx Dimensions 88mm x 208mm.

Other colours of the pouch are available to be purchased separately.

*Purchase is for the pouch only and other items shown are for demonstration purposes.


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