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FatDaddy Box Mod Volt Meter - Blue Led

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Brand: Andre
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know your mech mod

...and all of a sudden uncle Bob looked down on his mechanical DIY box and said "Oh, I'm vaping at 4 Volts and 40 Watts today!" and everyone sang uncle Bob's praise because they realized that he was indeed a well informed DIY Modder.

This ModMeter by English company ModMaker is a clever piece of electronics that you can put in your homemade mechanical boxmod and thus win admiration from people around you as you share tidbits of insight into your vape.

The ModMeter features a large LED screen that will tell you:

  • How many Amps you use.
  • Which Wattage and Voltage you run.
  • The Ohm of your coil.
  • The remaining battery life.

The pre solded AWG 24 wires makes the ModMeter easy to install in your DIY boxmod.
Instructions can be found here.


  • Large LED display.
  • Will show Voltage between 3.2 - 8.4V.
  • Battery icon will show the volt of your battery:
    • When using a single battery: Between 3.2 - 4.2V. Display will show "Empty" at 3.2 Volt.
    • When using two batteries: Between 6.4 - 8.4V. Display will show "Empty" at 6.4 Volt.
  • Displays Ohm with 2 decimals (ie. 1.23)
    • Measures Ohm between 0.00Ohm - 9.99Ohm
  • Displays Voltage with 2 decimals.
  • Displays Wattage with 2 decimals
  • Displays Amp with 2 decimals. The Amp is calculated from the Ohm and Voltage.
  • 24AWG pre solded wires.
    • F+ is put on 510 +
    • F- is put on 510 -
    • B+ is put on battery+
    • B- is put on battery -
  • Displays switches off 10 after releasing the Firebutton..
  • Size: Aprox. 20mm x 28mm x 8mm








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