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510 Drip Tip Hollow - Steel

Precio: DKR 43.75
Sin IVA: DKR 35.00
Marca: Andre
Modelo: DRIP50
Tamaño: 9.9 x 9.9 x 23
Disponibilidad: En stock


play the vape flute


This highly unusual drip tip is made for the vaper who prefers to turn a few heads whenever they pull this bad boy out of their pocket.

It might look like the biggest "open draw" you have ever seen but looks can be deceiving: The holes are actually filled with glass.
Even though it may look like a victim from a drive-by shooting with a machine gun, it's
actually just more or less your standard drip tip.

Except for one thing: People will notice you when you play this vape-flute that's for sure!


  • Material: Stainless Steel, glass.
  • Measurements: Diameter: Aprox. 9.9mm. Height: Aprox. 23mm.

*Purchase is for the drip tip only. Other items are shown as inspiration.






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