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10 ml Hard Bottle -PET

Price: DKR 5.00
Ex Tax: DKR 4.00
Brand: Kill That Cat S.L.
Product Code: 10 ml botella - Duro
Size: 20 x 20 x 70
Availability: In Stock
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A handy little childproof bottle with screw lid for vaping on the go.

A great way to bring your best homebrew with you out into the world.
No more swinging syringes around like a nurse with a seazure. The handy plastic drip tip will easily fit into most tanks/atomizers and if you're a dripper you will love the precise and easy way to dose out the drops.

The lid on the bottle has a lock-ring on the bottom, so when you have screwed it on the bottle will not open unless the seal is broken. A good way to keep toddlers away from nicotine.

The bottle is made from hard and sturdy PET plastic so feel free to practice 3-hand juggling with a couple. The won't break if you drop them.






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