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iJoy Captain S Subohm Tank 4ml ø25mm

Price: DKR 259.00
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Brand: iJoy
Product Code: Captain S -
Size: 25 x 25 x 59.4
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iJoy Captain S CA2 SubOhm coil 0.3 Ohm 3 pcs iJoy Captain S CA2 SubOhm coil 0.3 Ohm 3 pcs DKR 75.00 Qty:
iJoy Captain S CA3 SubOhm coil 0.25 Ohm 3 pcs iJoy Captain S CA3 SubOhm coil 0.25 Ohm 3 pcs DKR 75.00 Qty:
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join the captain for a power vape

The iJoy Captain S sub ohm tank is a new, handsome and very efficient vape canon that will satisfy any vaper with a lust for High Watts, Low Ohm and Plentiful Vapour.

It's got a few pretty unique features when it comes to coils-switching, has nice top-fill and use coils specially designed for thick, VG-heavy e-liquids.

A massive vape awaits you!

  • Clever "Simple Press-and-mount system" coil system.
  • Capacity: 4ml.
  • Easy top-fill.
  • Size: Diameter 25mm, height 55.4mm. (including drip tip, without 510 connection).

The Captain S is a rock solid sub ohm tank that will provide great flavour and huge clouds. The 4 ml capacity will give you a nice, long vape time, even at high Watts.

  • Material: Stainless steel.
  • Pyrex glass tank tube.
  • Liquid capacity: Approx. 4ml.
  • Easy top fill.
  • Wide bore Delrin drip tip.
  • The adapter allows you to use 510 drip tips as well.
  • Goldplated 510 connection.
  • AFC (Air Flow Control): Two large and fully adjustable air slots.
  • Coils for the Captain S tank:
    • 100% organic Japanese cotton.
    • Simple Press-and-mount system.
    • The coils are designed for VG-heavy liquids.
    • CA2: Dual parallel coils (2 wires) of 0.3 Ohm. (60W-80W)
    • CA3: Tripple parallel coils (3 wires) of 0.25 Ohm. (60W-100W)
  • Size: Diameter 25mm, height 55.4mm. (including drip tip, without 510 connection).

The tank

The Captain S is a full-blooded sub ohm tank that will take you into low Ohm territory without even breaking a sweat.
The tank is made from stainless steel and pyrex glass and has a clever system that will prevent the heat from the coil to reach the mouthpiece -not a bad thing when you are vaping at high Watts!
Note: When unscrewing the tank from a Mod/battery, please grab that tank at the very bottom. If you grab it higher up there is a risk of the screwing the tank apart instead.
It has a diameter of approx. 25mm and a visible length of approx. 55.4mm.
The 510 connector is goldplated, ensuring maximum conductivity.

Filling and AFC:

The Captain S tank is filled from the top which is by far the best and easiest way to fill your tank.
Find the "push" at the top of the tank and push the top until you see the fill hole in the white insulator piece.
The insulator can be changed if needed. Take the tank apart and find the small grub screw on the inside at the top. Use the Allen key provided to unscrew this. The whole top now disassembles and you can change the insulator.

The tank tube is made from strong pyrex glass, so there is no risk of ruining the tank by using the wrong liquid.
It will hold a massive 4ml of e-juice!
Note: Some juice bottles might not fit the fill hole. If this is the case, simply remove the drip tip. This will give you plenty of room to fill.

The airflow is appropriately massive for a muscle tank like this and can be adjusted to your preference. You will get a surprisingly smooth pull from the two large air holes at the bottom of the tank.

The drip tip is a wide bore and made from Delrin to avoid heat on your lips.
If you prefer using a 520 drip tip, simply use the 510 adapter provided.


The Coils:

The replaceable coils for the Captain S are in a league of their own, due to the clever "no-screw" mounting system.
You simply press the coil into the base of the tank and put the tank back together; it will then be kept in place by the tank itself.
Easy peasy!
The coils are named CA (number). The number tells you how many wires are in the coil. The CA simply stands for...Captain!

The coils are designed for use of thick, VG-heavy liquids (which is what you use for sub ohm vaping). There is a risk of leaking if you use a thin liquid (like 50/50 PG/VG).

  • The CA2 coil features a dual vertical wire set-up and has a resistance of 0.3 Ohm.
    The vertical wire design allows for huge juice holes that will ensure a fantastic taste as well as a massive vapour production.
    It will perform best between 60 - 80 Watt.
  • The CA3 coil features a Tripple vertical wire set-up and has a resistance of 0.25 Ohm.
    The vertical wire design allows for huge juice holes that will ensure just as good a flavour but an even more over-the-top amount of vapour.
    It will perform best between 60 - 100 Watt.

Both coils, obviously, use 100% organic Japanese cotton as the wick.

Important: Please ensure that your coil is totally soaked in liquid before you use it. Failure to do so will result in the cotton in the coil dry-burning and will ruin the coil.

The box contains:

1 x iJoy Captain S 4ml SubOhm tank.
1 x Spare Pyrex glass tank.
1 x CA2 0.3Ohm Dual parallel vertical coil. (pre-mounted).
1 x CA3 0.25Ohm Trippel parallel coil.
1 x 510 drip tip adapter.
1 x Vape band -protect the glass tank.

1 x Spare insulator for the fill hole.
1 x Allen key.
1 x Grub screw for the top-fill system.

Spare O-rings

The purchase is for above-listed items only. Other products are shown as inspiration.

****What is “Sub Ohm”?

The short version is that sub ohm is vaping on a coil with a resistance lower than 1.0 Ohm.
Ohm is the resistance of the wire in your coil.

What do you need to know when you want to vape sub ohm?
First of all, you need to get batteries that are strong enough for sub ohm as it requires a lot of Amps (Amps denote the power of a battery, mAh tells you how long a battery can run before it needs recharging).

If you use a mechanical (mech) Mod, which is an e-cigarette without any form of electronics, it is pivotal that you know what you are doing as a mech Mod does not have any safety features that can stop accidents from happening

To determine the correct battery/coil set up on a mech Mod, you need to know and understand Ohm’s Law.
A sub ohm coil will usually require more power (Wattage/Voltage) than a coil with a higher Ohm, especially if you go below 0.5 Ohm.

Sub ohm will usually give you a hotter and more powerful vapour,  which might not be what you are looking for if you are a “regular vaper”.
However, if you like a plentiful and powerful vape, sub ohm is probably right for you.

When vaping sub ohm, you will normally use “Direct Lung inhalation” where you suck the vape directly into your lungs as opposed to more “cigarette-like” vaping where you suck the vapour into your mouth and then make a second inhalation to get it into your lungs.
Direct Lung inhalation takes a bit of practice and is not right for everyone but a lot of vapers love it when they have got used to it.

Another difference between sub ohm and “regular” vaping is that when you vape sub ohm the amount of e-liquid you use will often increase, simply because more power will vaporise more e-juice.


The iJoy Captain S tank in 5 funky colours.




















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