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Horizon Tech - Arctic Sub Ohm Tank 2.5ml - Ø22mm

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Brand: Andre
Product Code: TNKE48
Size: 22 x 22 x 65.2
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Horizon Tech Arctic subOhm tank - Farvet Pyrex Tank Horizon Tech Arctic subOhm tank - Farvet Pyrex Tank
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If you want massive and easy SubOhm vapour then this is the tank/atomizer for you.

  • Drip tip  with a large 9mm hole
  • Effective design ensures cooling of the drip tip even when vaping at very high watts.
  • AFC (Air Flow Control) with maximum control. 4 x 2mm tall and 6.8mm long airholes.

SubOhm is no longer reserved for the lucky few that can make their own coils. Lately we have seen a boom in clearomizers that offer power vaping "the easy way" with premade coils and that is definatly a huge step forward for a lot of us vapers who don't want to fiddle around with high-end coil-work.

The Horizon Arctic SubOhm tank lets you choose between 0.5 or a whopping 0.2 Ohm coils. That's A LOT of steam, ladies and gentlemen! The premade coils are certainly up for the challenge:
 BTDC (Bottom Turbine Dual Coils) 
and as the name says, you get a DUAL coil placed in the bottom for maximum output. The coils are placed on top of each other and are wrapped in organic japanese cotton that ensures a very nice taste as well as good vapour-production.

The AFC (Air Flow Control) leaves you in full control of your draw. If you leave it fully open you will get a staggering 4 x 5.6mm tall and 2.7mm high airholes that will give you a MASSIVE amount of steam. Furthermore the AFC is designed so you get 4 air intakes from 4 holes in the bottom of the tank. This gives you an amzingly even airflow around the coil.

The Horizon Arctic SubOhm tank offers 2.5 ml juice capacity and the pyrex glass allows you to use any juice you want with no risk of damage to the tank. The atomizer itself is a made from sturdy stainless 304 steel.

You fill the tank from the bottom by unscrewing the bottom itself and fill the juice in the two slots at the side. The tank is full when the liquid reaches the bottom of the slots.

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure that your pre-made coil is 100% soaked in juice before using the tank. Faliure to do this will result in the cotton which is in the coil burning.

The bottom line: There is no doubt that Horizon with the Arctic is going to give the other SubOhm tanks a good run for their money. It offers amazing vapour-production and a taste that you will find hard to beat, even from a homemade coil. 

If you are into SubOhm vaping you owe it to yourself to try the Horizon Arctic. You will be pleasently surprized!



  • Made from stainless 304 steel.
  • Laser ingraved logo.
  • Drip tip made from stainless steel with a large 9mm hole and a diameter of 12.9mm.
  • 510 drip tip compatible.
  • 510 thread connection.
  • Pyrex glass tank with a 2.5 ml juice capacity.
  • AFC (Air Flow Control) with maximum control. 4 x 2mm tall and 6.8mm long airholes.
  • Effective design ensures cooling of the drip tip even when vaping at very high watts.
  • Dimensions: diameter 22m, height 65.2mm.

Purchase is for:

1 x Artic SUB-Ohm tank.
1 x 0.5 Ohm BTDC coil mounted in the tank.
1 x 0.2 Ohm BTDC coil.

*Purchase is for listed items only. Other products are shown as inspiration.

*PLEASE NOTE: Be sure that your V/W Mod is able to handle very low Ohm before using this tank, or use a mechanical Mod. If you use the Arctic SubOhm tank on a mechanical Mod it is recommended that you use a battery with 30Amp or more.





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