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GeekVape Illusion Coils - 0.15 Ohm - 3 pcs - Choose I1 or I4 coils

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Brand: Geek Vape
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power-coils for power-vaping

Simply amazing coils for the Illusion tank.
You can choose between a single-parallel or a quad-coil design and these coils are pure power-animals that will take you as high as a stunning 260 Watts!!!
Let the party begin!


  • Choose between I1 or I4 coils.
  • The I1 coil has a single-parallel wire coil design of 0.15 Ohm (50W-180W).
  • The I4 coil has a quad coil design of 0.15 Ohm. (50W-260W)
  • Both coils have a100% organic Japanese cotton wick.

The Geekvape Illusion tank is a true predator of the vaping world. It will take you so high it's (almost) not funny anymore.

You can choose from two different coil designs that both fits the Illusion tank:

  • I4 coil of 0.15 Ohm. The coil has a Quad design with 4 individual wires in separate compartments. The wick is 100% organic Japanese cotton and the coil will perform best between 50 - 260W
  • I1 coil of 0.15 Ohm. The coil has a single-parallel design. The wick is 100% organic Japanese cotton and the coil will perform best between 50 - 180W

The juiceflow is brilliant with the huge juice holes leading your e-liquid straight to the 100% organic Japanese cotton wicks.

These coils feature a resistance of 0.15 Ohm.

When using a coil with a resistance of 0.16 Ohm please note:

  • It is recommended to use batteries of at least 40 Amp if you are running at 260 Watts.
  • To prime the coil before use: Drip e-liquid into all holes on the coil thus making sure the wick/cotton is fully drenched with liquid. Then fill your tank and wait a few minutes before use.
  • To start at low Watts and slowly work your way up to the desired Wattage.
  • These coils are designed for use between 50-215 Watt.
    • The I1 Coil works best between 50 - 180W.
    • The I4 coil works best between 50 - 260W

Purchase is for:
3 pcs - Geekvape Illusion subohm coils with a resistance of 0.15Ohm.
(Remember to choose I1 or I4 coils)



1What is “Sub Ohm”?

The short version is that sub ohm is vaping on a coil with a resistance lower than 1.0 Ohm.
Ohm is the resistance of the wire in your coil.

What do you need to know when you want to vape sub ohm?
First of all you need to get batteries that are strong enough for sub ohm as it requires a lot of Amps (Amps denote the power of a battery, mAh tells you how long a battery can run before it needs recharging).

If you use a mechanical (mech) Mod, which is an e-cigarette without any form of electronics, it is pivotal that you know what you are doing as a mech Mod does not have any safety-features that can stop accidents from happening

To determine the correct battery/coil set up on a mech Mod, you need to know and understand Ohm’s Law.
A sub ohm coil will usually require more power (Wattage/Voltage) than a coil with a higher Ohm, especially if you go below 0.5 Ohm.

Sub ohm will usually give you a hotter and more powerful vapour,  which might not be what you are looking for if you are a “regular vaper”.
However, if you like a plentiful and powerful vape, sub ohm is probably right for you.

When vaping sub ohm, you will normally use “Direct Lung inhalation” where you suck the vape directly into your lungs as opposed to more “cigarette-like” vaping where you suck the vapour into your mouth and then make a second inhalation to get it into your lungs.
Direct Lung inhalation takes a bit of practice and is not right for everyone but a lot of vapers love it when they have got used to it.

Another difference between sub ohm and “regular” vaping is that when you vape sub ohm the amount of e-liquid you use will often increase, simply because more power will vaporise more e-juice.


The Illusion I1 coil.

The Illusion I4 coil.








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