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FatDaddy 510 V3 Wood Body core

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Brand: FatDaddy
Product Code: KAY 384
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V3 Wood Bottom Feeder Pin V3 Wood Bottom Feeder Pin
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FatDaddy 510 Wood connector V3 - Ø15mm FatDaddy 510 Wood connector V3 - Ø15mm
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DKR 43.75
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Fatdaddy presents this 510 center for the wood connector. This means you'll always have a spare in stock.

If the Candy Floss hits the fan and your center contact goes missing in action, you don't need to despair and cry your pain out in the night.
This handy spare comes with all you need to replace it: Delrin insert, brass pole and spring. So just change the damn thing and you'll be up and running again in no time.

For use in the 510 wood connector.



  • Made from H62 brass and delrin.
  • The spring is not part of the conductive curcuit.








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