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Price: DKR 60.95
Ex Tax: DKR 48.76
Brand: Andre
Product Code: ELF06R
Size: 48 x 17 x 73
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Some prefer the simple things in life and it does not come more simple than with this Mod.
And this is cheap! Very cheap!


The price is equivalent to a disposable ecigarette, where you get a number of drags and then have to throw it away.

With the Express BoxMod you get an excellent - and in our honest opinion . a much better alternative than what you get in a  disposable ecigarette. You can change the batteries and refill eliquid when needed.

The Express BoxMod has the carbon fibre look to the cover, a 510 /  Ego atomiser connection and a smooth operated top mounted firing button.

The box fits nicely into the hand because of the rounded edges, and the size is very comfortable.


Note: Do not use tanks/atomizers with less than 2.4 Ohm on the Express Mod as this may cause the batteries to ventilate.







  • Inexpensive alternative.
  • Uses AA batteries that are available everywhere at a low price and most of us have these batteries lying in a drawer somewhere anyway.
  • A different introduction to the start up as a vaper.
  • Good for travel.
  • Solid.
  • Connection, thread, is a standard Ego
  • Available in several colors.
  • Produces good thick vapor.
  • Strengthened with a steel plate by the connection.
  • Ease of use. No hassle.
  • Has a nice feel to it and rests nicely in the hand.
  • Cocky shape and nice colors.



What makes this mod slightly different is that it uses standard AA sized batteries. Great for convenience especially when travelling and you do not want to carry rechargable batteries, cables and charger with you. You simply buy new batteries when the ones you use runs out of power.

You can however also use 3 rechargeable batteries, but since they only output 1.2V, you will not get higher than 3.6V, and that will not produce very much vapor. We recommend using standard AA 1.5V batteries that combined gives an output of 4.5V and much more vapor.





What you buy:

  • 1 x Express BoxMod AA battery Box Mod.
  • 1 x CE4 clearomiser (approx. 2.3 Ohm).
  • Room for 3 x AA batteries (not included).
  • Ego/510 connection (standard). Gives option to use other atomisers also.
  • The Box is made out of hard plactic with a nice finish, and it is strengthened by the connection to prevent it from comming loose.
  • Nice top placed activation button in steel.
  • Comes in a presentation box/storage box.

    *Purchase is for the Express 2 Mod and CE4 clearomiser (eliquid container) only.


  • AA batteries are not included.
  • Example: 1 x Duracell AA battery = output 1.5V with 2400 mAh capacity.
  • The Express BoxMod uses 3 x AA batteries and they are configured in the rear compartment similar to stacking 3 batteries on top of each other.
  • With the Mod assembled using the required 3 x AA batteries the output would be treble at 4.5V but the 2400 mAh capacity would remain the same.


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