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Evolv DNA 40 - Large LED Screen 27 x 12mm

Price: DKR 428.75
Ex Tax: DKR 343.00
Brand: Evolv
Product Code: CHIP-DNA
Size: 33.6 x 20.5 x 0
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the brain in your diy mod

This Evolv DNA40 will allow you to build your own Wattage and Temperature Controlled (TD) Mod.

  • Output Watt: 1 - 40 Watt with 0.1 Watt increments.
  • Large LED screen showing Wattage, Voltage, resistance and battery life.
  • Temperature limits: 100°C - 300°C (200°F - 600°F).
  • Efficiency: 92%

This Evolv DNA40 chip comes with a nice large 27 x 12mm LED screen (not mounted - check the video on how to do this).

The DNA40 is an advanced heat and Watt regulating digital switch-mode DC-DC converter made for homebuilt Mods. It will allow you to run anything from 1 - 40 Watt with a kanthal thread or from 200oF to 600oF with a Ni200 nickle thread.

The chip runs on a single litium cell, features over and under-current protection and has an automatic turn off if it overheats so the chip stays unharmed.
It has both analogue and digital controls, Watt/heat regulation lock and onboard buttons. Also featured is syncronised retification (one-way regulated effect) that will give you maximum battery life with minimum heating.

It features Temperature Control as well as normal Wattage-control if you use a Ni200 (nickel) wire in your tank.
TC lets you set the max temperature of the coil wire thus giving you maximum control of your vaping experience.


  • Output Watt: 1 - 40 Watt with 0.1 Watt increments.
  • Output Volt: 1 - 9 Volt
  • Outgoing current: 23 Ampere Max.
  • Atomizer resistance when using Kanthal Min. 0.16 Ohm, Usual 0.7 Ohm, Max 2.0 Ohm
  • Atomizer resistance when using Ni200 Nickel Min. 0.1 Ohm, Usual 0.4 Ohm, Max 1.0 Ohm
  • Temperature limits: 100°C - 300°C (200°F - 600°F).
  • Can show temperature in Celcius or Fahrenheit.
  • Will allow you to lock the Ohm of your coil.
  • Battery input Min. - Min 3.1 Volt, Usual 3.7 Volt, Max. 4.3 Volt
  • Input current: Min 0.5 ampere, Usual 8 ampere, Max. 16 Ampere
  • Efficiency: 92%
  • Weight: 8g
  • Size of print: Min 0.65'' x 1.30'',  Max 0.80" x 1.30"
  • Chip thickness: 0.32''
  • Large LED screen (not mounted).
    Screen size: 27mm x 12mm.
  • High/Low Ohm protection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Nickle thread pre-heating feature


To get the full specifications please refer to the Data Sheet PDF: - DNA 40 DATA SHEET

*This chip can NOT be returned or refunded if it has been mounted or has been soldered upon.


This video will show you how you mount or change the screen.






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