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Elderflower - Vape Natura
  • Elderflower - Vape Natura

Elderflower - Vape Natura

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Vape Natura - Elderflower
NOTE: bottled by Pink-Mule

Vapenatura was born from a concept of healthy eating and vaping. At Vapenatura we care about what we eat, so the first thought was: If we care about what we eat, why don’t we care what we vape?

Vapenatura want to offer their clients a possibility to mix their own e-liquids or to use our natural flavourings for cosmetics and food. Vapenatura only uses natural flavourings, which are made from extracts of raw material.
They do not add any sugar, sweeteners or flavour enhancers, you can add it by yourself if you wish.

All raw materials used for these flavourings are natural extracted.

  • Naturlige Aromaer
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Mixing ratio: 10-20%
  • Steep for at least 3 days

IMPORTANT: Can NOT be vaped direct from the bottle - Have to be diluted

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