Vandy Vapes Pulse BF Squonk BoksMOD
  • Vandy Vapes Pulse BF Squonk BoksMOD

Vandy Vapes Pulse BF Squonk BoksMOD

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Vandy Vapes Pulse BF Squonk BoksMOD

Uses 1x18650/20700 (Battery not included)

Whether you are already familiar with Squonking or you want to try out this special form of vaping, the Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk Mod is a brilliant place to start.
-if you don't know what Squonking means then frankly: It's about time you do!

  • Mechanical Squonk Mod.
  • 8ml Silicon squonk bottle.
  • Guld plated battery connections.
  • Size: 27mm x 50mm x 77mm.

The Pulse BF Squonk Mod is a simple to use, and with your favourite Squonk RDA mounted will provide a flavourful experience of dripping without the hassle of having to drip your wick all the time.


  • Produced in Nylon and ABS plastic.
  • Fuld blown mechanical mod.
  • Gold plated contacts.
  • 8ml Silicone Squonk bottle.
  • Nice rounded sides that makes it perfect in the hand.
  • Adjustable 510 connector and battery contacts.
  • Mechanical button.
  • Mooch have tested the button with over 20.000 presses.
  • the oppotunity to lock the fire button.
  • Uses one 20700 or 18650 battery. (We recomend the iJoy 20700 battery)
  • Size: 27mm x 50mm x 77mm.

Pulse BF Box Mod:

Vandy Vapes have in corporation with Tony B. (The Vapor Trail) designed this beautiful Mod, it is a full blown mechanical squonk mod made from Nylon and ABS plastic.
The conductive parts are made from Stainless Steel and Copper, note that there are no wires used anywhere in this mod to ensure the best performance possible.

Note: A mechanical Mod has no safety features so it is very important that you are able to test the resistance/Ohm of your coil, as well as check for short circuits, before using it.
As a safety there are a locking option for the Fire button, Inside the box just under the 510 connector there are a small piece you can bend down between the fire button and the contact to the battery.

The Pulse Mod has a hollow BF (Bottom Feeding) 510 connector, that will allow juice to run from the bottle in the Mod and up into the RDA.

With a fully charged battery, the Puls BF Mod will start out at 4.2Volts and the effect will then gradually fall as the battery discharges.

Battery and Squonk bottle:

You can choose between 20700 or 18650 battery in the mod (If you choose to use an 18650 you have to use the supplied battery sleeve), you change it the same way you change or fill the juice-bottle:
By removing the side panels of the Mod. The bottle is placed on the left-hand side, the battery on the right-hand side.

In order to remove and fill the bottle, simply remove the side panel, pull out the bottle be aware of the plastic tube, and put it back in when you're done.
This is definitely not something you have to do many times a day, as the bottle will hold a massive 8ml of e-juice.
That's enough for a looooong time squonking.


With a beautiful design, a strong performance and easy operation (simply squeeze the bottle and press the Fire button), the Pulse BF Mod is the perhaps best way to enjoy a solid Squonk-vape.
If you like a fantastic mechanical Mod and (obviously) to Squonk, it is a total no-brainer that will not disappoint you!

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