THC Tauren Max Mech MOD
  • THC Tauren Max Mech MOD
  • THC Tauren Max Mech MOD
  • THC Tauren Max Mech MOD
  • THC Tauren Max Mech MOD
  • THC Tauren Max Mech MOD
  • THC Tauren Max Mech MOD

THC Tauren Max Mech MOD

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THC Tauren Max Mech MOD

Uses 1x18650/20700/21700 (Battery not included)

NOT FOR BEGINNERS! You need to know about battery safety and Ohms law before you begin to use a mech mod!

ThunderHead Creations (THC) have yet again made a unique mechanical tube mod this time it is Tauren Max Mech. It have a hybrid topcap, it have the innovative firing button like Taruen and the ability to use either 18650, 20700 or 21700 batteries.

  • Choose between Black and Gold colour
  • Made of Brass.
  • Hybrid topcap.
  • Uses 1x18650/20700/21700 battery. (Bought separate)
  • Size: 24/26mm x 95mm.

If you are looking for a mechanical mod that hits like a train then once again THC have hit the jackpot, Tauren Max Mech will give you a punch with every press on the fire button.


  • Materials: Brass.
  • Hybrid 510 connection.
  • With a hybrid 510 connector please be aware that your pin at the tank is protruding.
  • Innovative firing button wilt a "ball" inside that ensure you get full contact with every push.
  • Smart justering af batteri raslen.
  • Button can be locked by turning it.
  • Uses 1 x 18650/20700/21700 battery. (Not included)
  • Can use tanks up to 24mm in diameter.
  • Dimensioner: 24/26mm x 95mm. (24mm i toppen)

Tauren Max Mech:

If you are a regular user of mech mods, you know when you get quality in your hand, and with Tauren Max Mech you get that feeling, it is made of quality materials and with precision.

The Tauren Max Mech mod is 26mm at the middle and then slants down to 24mm at the top so it will fit 24mm atomizers. Tauren Max Mech have a hybrid 510 connector, this means that the tank you want to use have direct contact to the battery, when dealing with hybrid connectors it is pivotal that you make sure that the pin in the 510 connector on the tank protrudes enough to avoid a short circuit.

The fire button has a unique design, as it is made with a metal ball as contact point, this means that you will get instant fire every time, even if you do not press the button at the middle it will still get 100% contact, this design was first seen with the Tauren mod. The switch that comes with the Tauren Max Mech have the ability to be locked, just turn it.

To power the Tauren Max Mech you need one 18650, 20700 or 21700 battery, if you choose to use an 18650 battery you need to use the provided 18650 adapter.
The switch is made so it will remove any battery rattle when screwed in the mod as the button is built inside the switch.

It is pivotal that you know your battery safety and Ohm's law to be able to use the Tauren Max Mech safely. This is not a beginner Mod as there are no safety built inside.
Always use an Ohm meter to ensure you do not have any short and the Ohms is not to low according to the battery specs.


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