Dotmod dotBox Mekanisk BoksMOD
  • Dotmod dotBox Mekanisk BoksMOD
  • Dotmod dotBox Mekanisk BoksMOD
  • Dotmod dotBox Mekanisk BoksMOD
  • Dotmod dotBox Mekanisk BoksMOD
  • Dotmod dotBox Mekanisk BoksMOD

Dotmod dotBox Mekanisk BoksMOD

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Dotmod dotBox Dual Mech MOD (Black)

Uses 2x18650 batteries (Not included)

dotBox Dual Mech from Dotmod is a fully mechanical Mod that can deliver almost unbelievable amounts of power.
The secret behind this is a dual 18650 battery set up, where you can choose between parallel and series battery setup.

  • Material: Aluminium, Stainless Steel and 24k Gold plated Brass.
  • Optional parallel or series battery setup.
  • Can take atomizers up to 24mm.
  • Uses two 18650 batteries. (Batteries not included)

dotBox Dual Mech can indeed deliver a handful of power if you choose series mode, but can also work as a more regular mech mod in parallel mode.
When we tell you that this Mod can kick like a mule, it is in fact true.


  • Please be aware that this Mod is NOT for beginners.
  • Fully mechanical mod.
  • Material: Aluminium, Stainless Steel and 24k gold plated Brass.
  • Stainless Steel 510 connection, plated with 24k Gold.
  • Spring loaded 510 pin also plated with 24k Gold.
  • Mechanical fire button.
  • Fire button can be fully dissembled for cleaning.
  • Adjustable knob with 3 options:
  • Parallel battery setup, 4.2Volt output.
  • Fire button disabled.
  • Series battery setup 8.2Volt output.
  • Recommended lowest resistance of coil:
    • Parallel batteri setup - 0.15Ohm.
    • Seriel batteri setup - 0.5Ohm.
  • Built in overcurrent/short circuit protection.
  • Uses two 18650 batteries, with minimum 30Amp limit. (Batteries not included)
  • Size: 27mm x 49mm x 82mm.

The dotBox Mod:

As always Dotmod gives us quality products, and this time it is the powerful dotBox, that is made of Aluminium, with 24k Gold plated contact points to ensure maximum conductivity.
The box is light weight and has a nice ergonomic shape with round corners that makes it a pleasure to have in the hand.
The fire button is well placed on the front side of dotBox, Dotmod have made it possible to dissemble the fire button for cleaning, this will ensure that you always get maximum power from dotBox.

Under the panel on the front you find a dial that have 3 options, Parallel battery setup, Fire button disconnected and Series battery setup, to turn the dial you can use a coin or the corner of the front panel.

If you choose to use dotBox in parallel mode you will get a maximum of 4.2Volts, but double the mAh, this means that you will have twice the battery life. But you can also use to run dotBox in series mode then you will get a massive 8.4Volts direct to your coil.

As dotBox is a mechanical mod there are no protection built inside the box, BUT Dotmod have incorporated a bit of security, as they have made an overcurrent/short circuit protection of 60Amp via dual 30Amp fuses, this will help protect batteries from damage due to overcurrent/shorting.

The Mod uses two 18650 batteries and it is highly recommended to use batteries with at least 30 Amp. The battery poles have to face the same way, if you put the batteries incorrectly in the mod, a short circuit occurs.
Dotmod suggests that you only go as low as 0.15Ohms in parallel battery setup, and 0.5Ohms in series battery setup.
Again: It is pivotal that you know your battery safety and Ohm's law to be able to use dotBox Dual Mech safely. This is NOT a beginner Mod, as the only safety inside is overcurrent/short circuit protection that will provide a bit of protection.

When using two batteries please remember:

Get two new, strong batteries (minimum 30 Amp)
Make sure they are identical (same brand, same mAh and Amp limit).
Only to use them together and at the same time.
Charge them together and for the same time.

dotBox Dual Mech is definitely not a Mod for just anyone, but if you can control it, you will get a true battle stallion of a vaper!


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