Asmodus Ultroner X LUNA Squonker MOD (Grøn)
  • Asmodus Ultroner X LUNA Squonker MOD (Grøn)

Asmodus Ultroner X LUNA Squonker MOD (Green)

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Asmodus Ultroner X LUNA Squonker MOD (Green)

Use 1x18650 battery (Not included)

Beautiful mod from Asmodus, the Ultroner X Luna is made of Aluminium and stabilized wood. The mod is an unregulated squonk mod that can deliver up to 80Watts, and have a chip that give the most necessary protection. To power on Ultroner X Luna you need one 18650 battery.

  • Materials: 6063 Aluminium (Black) and stabilized wood.
  • Unregulated MOD.
  • Max output: 80Watts.
  • 6ML squonk bottle.
  • Uses one 18650 battery. (Not included)
  • Size: 82mm x 46mm x 26mm.

All mods where stabilized wood are used have a 100% unique appearance as you can find 2 pieces of wood that look the same, so no one else than you will have a mod like the one you receive.


  • Made in 6063 Aluminium (Black) and stabilized wood.
  • Standard 510 threading.
  • Unregulated mod, power direct from the battery.
  • Max output: 80Watt.
  • You can use atomizers between 0.1 and 2.5Ohm.
  • 6ML squonk bottle.
  • Fire button placed on the side of the mod.
  • 5 click On/Off function.
  • LED on the side showing:
  • Battery correct inset: Flashing Green LED.
  • Battery with reverse polarity: No LED light.
  • Battery down to 3.3Volt: LED flashes red 5 times and mod turning Off.
  • If a short in the coil occurs the LED will flash red continuous.
  • 10 sec. cutoff.
  • Uses 1 x 18650 battery. (Battery not included)
  • Size: Height: 82mm, Length: 46mm, Width: 26mm.

Ultroner X Luna MOD:

Asmodus makes some fantastic mods, and Ultroner X Luna is no exception, made from 6063 Aluminium and stabilized wood this mod is 100% unique as you can’t find 2 pieces of wood having the same pattern.

The Ultroner X Luna is an unregulated mod, it works like a mechanical mod where you get the power direct from the battery and it drops when battery is used, But Asmodus have put a chip inside the Ultroner X Luna mod so it has some protection, and that is why you are limited to an 80 Watt output and resistance between 0.1 and 2.5Ohms. The chip also provides reverse battery protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection and a 10 seconds cutoff to prevent any auto-firing.

On the side you will find the fire button, and a LED light showing information. You turn the mod on and off by pressing the fire button 5 times, when the mod turns on the LED will flash Green.

Some other information about the LED:

Reverse polarity: The LED will flash green when you install the battery correctly, the LED will not flash if the battery is installed incorrectly.
Low battery: The LED will flash RED five times indicating your battery is at 3.3v, and the mod will then turn off.
Short circuit: The LED will flash red if a short occur.

To power Ultroner X Luna you need one 18650 battery, to insert/change battery you need to unscrew the battery cap from the bottom of the mod, insert a new battery and screw the battery cap on again.
Also at the bottom is where you change the squonk bottle, just remove the lid and take the bottle out, refill it or place the extra bottle simple and easy functionality.

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