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Unknown Originals (PikaJuice)
  • Unknown Originals (PikaJuice)

Unknown Originals (PikaJuice)

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A sumptuous and delicious mix of blueberries turned with vanilla cream.

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10ML Unknown Originals (Pikajuice)

NOTE: Have to be diluted, do not vape right from the bottle!

The flavour that will make go electric! A delicious and freshly baked lemon sponge cake. "PikaJuice I choose you!"

Unknown Originals is a tribute to a variety of people, gathered under one brand. Exciting and really fun mixes, which are certainly worth highlighting.

Unknown Originals flavour come in 10ML PET bottles.

Should steep for a week for optimal flavour experience.

Mixing ratio: 50/50: 15% - VG: 15-20%




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