Strawberry Yogurt - Perfumers
  • Strawberry Yogurt - Perfumers

Strawberry Yogurt - Perfumers Apprentice

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Perfumers Apprentice - Strawberry Yogurt
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Ripe strawberry mixed with nice creamy yogurt, a flavour that is you can vape all day.

Perfumers Apprentice was founded in 2004 and is today a large and world-renowned company that produces flavours used for DIY E liquids. All flavours from Perfumers Apprentice are made under sterile conditions and according to strict procedures.

All ingredients used for these flavours are selected with care to ensure that you get the best flavour experience possible.

  • Naturlige Aromaer
  • Propylene Glycol

Note: Have to be diluted, do not vape straight from the bottle!

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