SV Mi-POD Start Kit (Black Metallic)
  • SV Mi-POD Start Kit (Black Metallic)
  • SV Mi-POD Start Kit (Black Metallic)
  • SV Mi-POD Start Kit (Black Metallic)
  • SV Mi-POD Start Kit (Black Metallic)
  • SV Mi-POD Start Kit (Black Metallic)

SV Mi-POD Start Kit (Black Metallic)

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SV Mi-POD Start Kit (Black Metallic)

Are you looking for a really smart and fancy start kit? If so then look here as the Mi-POD from Smoking Vapor is just that.

  • 950mAh battery.
  • 5 klicks On/Off.
  • Charge through Micro-USB.
  • Use Pod's that can be refilled with a capacity of 2ml.

Small vape devices is not always what we get, but Mi-POD is small, only 51mm tall, 60mm wide and 12.5mm thick, it is a small pocket friendly device.


  • Colour: Black Metalic.
  • 950mAh battery.
  • Charges through USB.
  • Automatic battery.
  • 5 klicks On/Off.
  • Hold the button to activate/deactivate stealth mode.
  • Use refillable Pod's, can hold approx. 2ml e-liquid.
  • Protection battery protection.
  • 10 Sec. cutoff.
  • Size: 12.5mm x 60mm x 51mm.


Smoking Vapor have made this really small and portable device, it has a built in 950mAh battery that will keep up most of the day if you are not chain vaping.
The Mi-POD has a draw that allow you to use it as MTL or DL, the air intake is on the side and IF you want a tighter draw you can try placing the finger over it and try to find the perfect MTL draw for you.

Under the Pod'n/tank there are a LED indicator that show the battery level:
4.2 - 3.7 Volt: Blue light.
3.7 - 3.4 Volt: Purple light.
3.4 Volt: Red light. When it is Red you need to find a charger fast.

You charge the battery through the Micro-USB on the side of the device.

The Mi-POD is made as an automatic battery, so you will not find any fire buttons any were, you just take a draw and it turns on automatically.
You have the option to turn the Mi-POD On and Off, under the Micro-USB port you find a small button, and by clicking that 5 times you either turn it On or Off.
Smoking Vapor also incorporated that you can turn the LED light Off, if you want to be totally stealth vaping, to turn stealth mode On/Off you hold the small button for approx. 5 seconds.


The Pods for the Mi-POD system is a tank with a coil inside, the coil have a resistance of 1.0 Ohm and the wick is made of 100% organic cotton that will give a clean and satisfying flavour experience. The Pod have a capacity of approx. 2ml E-liquid, you can of course re-fill these Pods and the manufacture writes that each Pod can be filled approx. 5 times before is should be replaced.

To fill the Pod, you have to remove the small silicone plug at the bottom, be aware that is mounted to the Pod on the other end so be careful when exposing the fill hole, not fill it up with your favourite E-liquid press the plug in place to seal the fill hole. It is very important to let a new Pod sit for a good 10 minutes before using it to make sure the cotton is saturated enough.

Extra Pod's can be found here.

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