Joyetech CuAIO D22 Starter Kit
  • Joyetech CuAIO D22 Starter Kit

Joyetech CuAIO D22 Starter Kit

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Joyetech CuAIO D22 Starter Kit

Joyetech introduces there perhaps best AIO vaporizer to date.
The CuAIO is design wise the same as other AIO products from Joyetech, but in the CuAIO you will find new features that we are sure you are going to like.

  • The tank holds approx. 2ml of e-liquid.
  • Built in 1500mAh battery.
  • Easy top fill system.
  • Choose between direct or constant output mode.

The AIO (All-in-One) vaporizers are the way to go, and Joytech is leading the way, proven with there CuAIO D22.
Still small and classy, easy to have with you on the go, and fits with easy in any pocket.


  • Made of Stainless Steel.
  • The tank is made of pyrex glass.
  • Will hold approx. 2ml of e-liquid.
  • Easy top fill system.
  • Uses ProC-BFL coils.
  • Adjustable AFC.
  • Wide bore Delrin drip tip.
  • Choose between constant or direct output.
  • When the light is white it indicates direct output, Orange light indicates constant output.
  • To change output: Shot down the CuAIO, and press fire button.
  • Max output: 50 Watt.
  • Can be used with coils from 0.2 to 3.5 Ohm.
  • 5 klicks On/Off.
  • Integrated 1500mAh battery.
  • You can charge with a 1Amp charger, for fast charging.
  • Micro-USB port on the side for easy charging.
  • Dual Circuit protektion.
  • Size: 22mm x 93mm.

CuAIO D22:

The CuAIO is very similar to other AIO made by Joyetech, but the CuAIO have a few new things up the sleeve.
Joyetech have now done so it is possible to change the pyrex glass if it should break, another thing they have added is the option to choose between direct or constant output.
Direct output option makes the CuAIO more or less as a mech mod, with built in protection as a security, the power goes down as the battery drains, where the constant output gives you the same power all the way until the battery needs to be charged.
The 2 modes are shown by the indicator light: direct output is shown with a white light where the constant have an orange light.

CuAIO have an integrated 1500mAh battery, it can maximum deliver 50Watt of power and the resistance range of your coil have to be between 0.2 - 3.5 Ohm.
LED indicates battery level, when fully charged the LED will be constant on, when the battery drains it will flash, the faster it flashes the lower the battery is in voltage.

The CuAIO have a dual circuit protection, that will give you all the protection you expect.

The Tank:

The CuAIO have the capacity to hold approx. 2ml of e-liquid, and are fill from the top due to the clever push and tilt system design.
Joyetech have made a new system for filling the tank: close the AFC, then press the top part back and up, and you now have access to the 2 large fill holes, fill the tank and reverse the steps, and you are ready for vaping again.
You now have the ability to dissemble the tank part completely for easy cleaning.


CuAIO uses the ProC-BFL coils, these coils are rated on 0.6 Ohm and there are used 100% organic cotton as wicking materials, this will ensure you a nice and tasteful vape.
It is important when you use a new coil that is primed with e-liquid, to do that put some drops of e-liquid on the cotton, and when the tank is filled please wait for approx. 10 minutes to be sure the cotton is saturated enough.