Aspire Spryte POD Tank
  • Aspire Spryte POD Tank
  • Aspire Spryte POD Tank
  • Aspire Spryte POD Tank
  • Aspire Spryte POD Tank
  • Aspire Spryte POD Tank

Aspire Spryte POD Tank

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Aspire Spryte Pod Tank

It is always a good idea to have an extra tank, as it will be a bad situation if the one that comes with Spryte should brake.
Here you get a complete Pod/Tank so you always are ready if the unthinkable should happen, or you just want to have an extra with you.

  • Material used: Plastic and Stainless Steel.
  • Capacity approx. 2ml of E-liquid.
  • Easy fill from the bottom.
  • Aspire BVC 1.8Ohm coil included.

Spryte use a Pod/tank system, here you can buy extra Pods if needed, every Pod have the capacity of approx. 2ml liquid and is filled from the bottom.

When you need to fill the Pod with liquid, you need to remove the Pod from Spryte. At the bottom of the Pod just beside the coil base, you will find the fill hole, which have a diameter of approx. 2.5mm.

When the Pod is filled, just place it back in the Spryte and press down on it, when you hear a little click it is placed as it should.

Be aware that the tank is made of plastic, so some liquids may damage the tank. (Menthol, Cola, Anis etc.)

Aspire have included one 1.8Ohm BVC coil with the Pod/tank, so it is more or less ready to use, just prime the coil and fill the tank and you are ready.

When you need to change the coil, unscrew the metal part at the bottom of the Pod, that is the coil base, where the coil is to be mounted.
This coil base is also the AFC; you can easily adjust the air intake to suite your needs.

You should always drip a bit of e-liquid on the cotton in the coil and leave it to rest for 10-15 minutes with the Pod/Tank full, before first use of a new coil.
That way you can avoid dry-hits and dry-burning the cotton.

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