Asmodus Pumper Siphon Tank
  • Asmodus Pumper Siphon Tank
  • Asmodus Pumper Siphon Tank

Asmodus Pumper Siphon Tank (Steel)

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Asmodus Pumper Siphon Tank (Steel)

Asmodus have made this unique type of tank for their Pumper 18 and Pumper 21 squonk mods, you no longer need to squeeze the bottle to get liquid up to your RDA, but now you can just push down on the lever and liquid is pumped up to your RDA, this system is brilliant as you will get the same amount of liquid every time you press the lever.

The Siphon tank is made of Polycarbonate and Stainless Steel and have a capacity of approx. 8ml of E-liquid.

The Polycarbonate is frosted but on the front you see a clear space, this is made so you know how much liquid you can put in the tank as you only fill it to the top of that "window" then there are room for the tube inside of the tank.

You cannot dissemble the tank for cleaning, use hot water to clean it when needed, and let it dry as the pumping part on top of the bottle is hold in place by two O-rings, one or both O-rings can be pressed out if you use a towel to clean the inside.

Purchase is for:

1 x Siphon Pumper Tank in Steel for Pumper 18 or 21.

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