Dotmod dotMTL RTA Tank (Steel)
  • Dotmod dotMTL RTA Tank (Steel)
  • Dotmod dotMTL RTA Tank (Steel)
  • Dotmod dotMTL RTA Tank (Steel)
  • Dotmod dotMTL RTA Tank (Steel)
  • Dotmod dotMTL RTA Tank (Steel)
  • Dotmod dotMTL RTA Tank (Steel)

Dotmod dotMTL RTA Tank (Steel)

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Dotmod dotMTL RTA Tank (Steel)

The Dotmod dotMTL 22mm RTA offers a luxurious MTL style vaping, a timeless design, single-coil spring loaded clamp build deck and a unique air flow with different options.

  • Made of: Stainless Steel.
  • Clamp style post design.
  • Unique AFC design.
  • Capacity: 2ml of liquid.
  • Diameter: 22 mm.

If you are one of the many that love a good MTL tank then this dotMTL RTA will give you all you ever needed, easy build deck, 2ml capacity quality construction and not least a fantastic flavour full experience you will have hard to find elsewhere.


  • Made of quality Stainless Steel.
  • 2 tanks included:
    • 1 x Polycarbonate.
    • 1 x Stainless Steel/Polycarbonate.
  • Contains approx. 2ml of e-liquid.
  • Easy top fill.
  • Clamp style post design.
  • Only for single coil setup.
  • Compressed chamber.
  • Hidden AFC, fully adjustable.
  • Air intake with multiple options:
    • Air from the side and under the coil, of choose between them.
  • 2 drip tips included. (Delrin/Ultem)
  • Diameter: 22 mm, height approx. 46mm.


Dotmod have made this really nice MTL tank for all of you that love a good MTL vape, it is constructed of Stainless Steel and have a diameter of 22mm, in height it measures approx. 46mm.
With your new dotMTL tank is included 2 tank sections, one made of clear Polycarbonate and one made of Stainless Steel and with a polycarbonate top.

The tank has a capacity of approx. 2ml, and is easy filled from the top, simply unscrew the drip tip, fill liquid in to the tank (not in the centre tube), when the tank is filled then screw the drip tip back on.
Be aware not to press the tip of the bottle inside the tank when filling, if it is too big to fit between the tank and centre tube, it can push the tank off the O-ring and liquid will run out.

The deck on dotMTL has a spring loaded clamp style post design, this design makes it incredible easy to mount your coil. dotMTL is designed for MTL vapers, so it only accommodates single coil setups.

Unique air flow:

Maybe the most interesting feature of the dotMTL RTA is the air flow design. The air holes at the base is hidden inside the AFC control ring at the base, further more you get the option to have air hit the coil from underneath and/or from the side.

When receiving the dotMTL it is setup for bottom air flow. If you want to use the side air flow as well, you need to remove the 510 screw, and then remove the deck by unscrewing it from the base. Underneath the deck you see a small screw, this screw has to be loosen as the metal part underneath works like an AFC for the side air flow, when you have the set the metal piece as you want it then tighten the screw and assemble the deck and base.

But if you only want to use the side air flow, you need to find the extra 510 screw that is included with dotMTL, it is a solid screw with no holes, and when the screw is installed you have closed the bottom air intake. (Remember the side air flow is closed off from the start, if mounting the solid 510 screw you need to open the side air flow)

This design gives you multiple options for getting air in to your coil and for you to find the optimal air flow that you want. It can sound a bit complicated, but it is not and it is not something you are going to adjust much when you found the air flow that suites you.