VSticking VK530 200W TC BoxMOD
  • VSticking VK530 200W TC BoxMOD
  • VSticking VK530 200W TC BoxMOD
  • VSticking VK530 200W TC BoxMOD
  • VSticking VK530 200W TC BoxMOD
  • VSticking VK530 200W TC BoxMOD


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VSticking VK530 200W BoxMOD

Use 2x18650 batteries. (Not included)

VSticking VK530 can deliver up to 200Watts, have a TFT IPS colour screen with a menu controlled by a joystick, advanced features from the YiHi VK530 chip.

  • Chip: YiHi SX530.
  • Large TFT IPS colour screen.
  • Watts from 5 - 200W and Joule (Temperature Control) from 10-120.
  • Update Firmware via Micro-USB connection.
  • Compact size: 92.4mm x 47.3mm x 32.3mm.


  • Chip: YiHi SX530.
  • High Quality construction in steel and stainless steel.
  • Super ergonomic and compact design.
  • Spring-loaded 510 atomizer connection.
  • Large TFT IPS colour screen.
  • Uses 2 x 18650 batteries. (Batteries not included)
  • Micro-USB port for both charging and update of Firmware.
  • Boost settings: Powerful+, Powerful, Standard, Soft, SXQ-S1 to S5.
  • Min/max Ohm in power mode from 0.1 - 3.0 Ohm.
  • Min/max Ohm Joule/temperature control from 0.05 - 1.5 Ohm.
  • Variabel Wattage: 5W - 200W.
  • Power adjustment in Watt or Joule/Fahrenheit/Celsius mode.
  • Joule-mode: 10 Joules - 120 Joules "100 - 300C / 200 - 580F"
  • Max Volt output: 8V.
  • 5 clicks on Fire to turn on Mod. Close it down from the menu.
  • 3 clicks on Fire to lock/un-lock the Mod.
  • 5 clicks to access the Menu.
  • Navigate the Menu with the small joystick.
  • Lock the Ohm when using TC: Press the Joystick button for 1-2 seconds. The screen will display and lock the Ohm.
  • Change the background picture on the screen. Choose from 10 different pictures.
  • Reversed pole protection.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Low resistance/ohm protection.
  • Low Voltage protection.
  • Overheating protection.
  • Dimensions: 92.4mm x 47.3mm x 32.3mm.

The design:

The Fire button is perfectly placed for both index finger and thumb and the Menu on the large colour screen is controlled by a small joystick.

Large colour screen:

The large TFT IPS screen will keep you informed about every aspect of your vaping like: Battery status, Ohm, Watts, Volts and the Amp of your batteries.
You can even choose between 10 different background images.

Solid construction:

The box is made from Aluminium and has a Stainless Steel 510 connection with a spring-loaded pole that will allow nearly any tank to sit flush on the Mod, you can use up tanks with a diameter up to 30mm without experience any overhang.

Plenty of power and Joule:

The VSticking VK530 will allow you to go from 5 to 200W in normal Watt-mode. This means you can use resistances from 0.1 to 3.0 Ohm.
The VK530 is for both low subohm and a more civilized vape on higher Ohm.

Of course you can also vape using Temperature Control (TC). YIHI calls their version Joule-mode and this feature will allow you to adjust the heat of your coil wire from 100°-300°C (212°-572°F) and vape with resistances between 0.05 - 1.5 Ohm.
In Joule mode you can choose between Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel wire.
Remember to always lock your Ohm when vaping TC: First mount the tank you want to use. Then press the joystick in for 1-2 seconds. The screen will display the Ohm and lock it.

You can even adjust the co-efficient of your wire with absolute precision. So if you feel that the fixed Modes doesn't quite hit the spot, this will allow you to get exactly the settings that are right for your set-up.
Read more about co-efficient here.

TCR (Temperature coefficient of resistance) is a description of how much the resistance (Ohm) of the wire rises when heated.
TCR values for different types of wire to further improve on the accuracy of the Mod’s ability to limit and sense an atomizer coil’s temperature.

The Menu:

The menu of the VSticking VK530 is quite extensive so it is a good idea to refer to the user manual when you start using the Mod.
What you need to know is that you access the menu with 5 clicks on Fire and then use the joystick to navigate.

Batteries and USB:

The VSticking VK530 uses two 18650 flat top batteries. NOTE: Batteries are sold separately.
You change the batteries via the battery lid at the bottom of the Mod.

When using a Mod with two or more batteries It is very important that you:

Get two new, strong batteries (minimum 30 Amp, if you use high Wattages)
Make sure they are identical. (same brand, same mAh and Amp limit)
Only to use them together and at the same time.
Charge them together and for the same time.

The Micro-USB port can be used for charging the batteries, but it is not recommended to charge batteries inside a mod, always use an external charger to ensure the batteries are charged 100% correct.
The Micro-USB port are also used for upgrading the firmware on the chip, this will ensure you are always up to date with new features and corrections on the firmware.

The VSticking VK530 has all the safety features you would expect from a High End Mod.

Advanced but easy to use:

The menu and all the different features might seem a bit confusing for the un-trained eye but trust us: You will soon get the hang of using it.