Smok TFV12 P SubOhm Tank
  • Smok TFV12 P SubOhm Tank

Smoktech - 2ml TFV12 P Cloud Beast Tank - TPD

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2ml TFV12 P-Tank

  • Materials: Stainless steel with a pyrex glass tank tube.
  • 3 fantastic coils.
  • Juice capacity: 2 ml.
  • Clever lock for the top cap.
  • Easy top-fill.
  • Diameter 25.5mm.


  • Material: Stainless steel.
  • Pyrex glass tank tube.
  • Liquid capacity: 2ml.
  • Easy Top-fill.
  • Wide bore Cobra acrylic drip tip. (not 510 drip tip compatible)
  • 510 connection.
  • AFC (Air Flow Control): Two large and fully adjustable air slots.
  • Size: diameter 25.5mm, hight: 63mm. (including drip tip and 510 connection)
  • Coils included:
  • 100% Organic Japanese Cotton.
  • Patented V12 P-tank Q4: Quad. (4 wire) coil of 0.4 Ohm. (40W-100W) (pre-mounted)
  • Patented V12 P-tank X6: Sextuple. (6 wire) coil of 0.15 Ohm. (50W-120W)
  • Patented V12 P-tank T10: Decuple. (10 wire) coil of 0.12 Ohm. (60W-120W)

The TFV12-P tank:

The tank is made of stainless steel and has a pyrex tank that is filled from the top.
Unlike former TFV versions, it has a smart lock-function which prevents you from accidentally opening the fill hole.

The TFV12-P comes with an acrylic wide bore drip tip with a snake pattern (hence the name Cobra). It fits the look of the tank.
Note: You cannot use 510 drip tips on the TFV12-P.

Top-fill and AFC:

The TFV12-P features a top-fill system, with protection from a small locking system.
To fill the tank: Press the small tap on the side of the tank. You can now push the top cap back and get access to the fill holes. When you're done, simply push the cap back in place. The tank then locks automatically.

The AFC (Air Flow Control) has two large air holes in the bottom.


*Note: You cannot use coils from the earlier models for the TFV12. You need the special TFV12-P coils.

Smok has re-designed the coil structure and patented them:

The V12 P-Tank Q4 coil has a Quad (4 Wire) vertical coil set-up that will let you vape at 0.4 Ohm.
It will perform best between 60 - 80 Watts.

The V12 P-Tank X6 coil has a Sextuple (6 wire) dual vertical coil set-up that will let you vape at 0.15 Ohm.
It will perform best between 80 - 100 Watts.

The V12 P-Tank T10 coil has a Decuple (10 wire) vertical dual coil set-up in 5 separate compartments and will let you vape at 0.12 Ohm.
It will perform best between 80 - 110 Watt.

All the coils have huge juice channels that will ensure a smooth flow even at high Watts and 100% organic Japanese cotton wicks.

Remember: You cannot use these coils for the other tanks in the TFV series.

NOTE: Please ensure that your coil is totally soaked in liquid before you use it. Failure to do so will result in the cotton in the coil dry-burning and will ruin the coil.

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