Innokin Endura T20 Coils 1.5ohm
  • Innokin Endura T20 Coils 1.5ohm

Innokin - 5pcs Endura T20 Coil 1.5ohm

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5pcs Endura T20 Coil 1.5ohm

Replacable Prism Kanthal Dual coils for the Innokin Endura T20 tank.

  • 100% organic cotton.
  • Dual Kanthal wire set-up.
  • Resistance: 1.5 Ohm.
  • Fits Innokin Endura T20 Kit and Prism T20 Tank.

These coils for the Innokin Endura T20 tanks features a kanthal vertical dual coil set-up and a wick made from 100% organic cotton.

How to switch coil:

The base on the Endura T20 tank consists of two parts.
The bottom locks the coil in place in the tank. Once this part has been unscrewed, pull out the old coil by the threads then push the new coil in place, making sure that it fits in the two slots at the bottom.
Next, just screw the bottom and you are ready to go.

According to Innokin you don't have to prime the Prism coil before use. Simply fill the tank and let it rest for 15 minutes. The cotton will be saturated and you're ready to vape.

The coil will perform best between 12 - 14 Watts.


  • Dual vertical Kanthal wire set-up.
  • Wick: 100% organic cotton.
  • Resistance: 1.5 Ohm.
  • The threads acts as 510 connection.

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5 pcs Endura Prism Kanthal Dual coils for the Innokin Endura T20Tanks.

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