iJoy Saber 100W MOD - 3000mAh
  • iJoy Saber 100W MOD - 3000mAh
  • iJoy Saber 100W MOD - 3000mAh
  • iJoy Saber 100W MOD - 3000mAh
  • iJoy Saber 100W MOD - 3000mAh
  • iJoy Saber 100W MOD - 3000mAh

IJOY - 3000mAh Saber 100 20700 VW MOD

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1 pcs. iJoy 20700 - 3000mAh battery included.

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iJoy Saber 100W MOD + iJoy 20700 battery

Uses 1x18650/20700 battery. (one iJoy 20700 battery included)

Saber is a tube mod that takes one 20700 or 18650 battery (one 20700 battery included), can deliver up to 100 Watts of power, with an ergonomic design and is easy to operate.

  • 5 - 100 Watts output.
  • Powered by one 20700 or 18650 battery. (iJoy 20700 battery include)
  • Diameter: 25/29.3mm, Height: 96.8mm.

Wwith iJoy's Saber you will get a protected tube mod including all the protection that a chip provides.


  • Made in quality Stainless Steel.
  • Spring loaded 510 connector.
  • 5 - 100 Watts output.
  • Ability to use atomizers from 0.05 to 3.0 Ohm.
  • 5 klicks On/Off function.
  • 3 klicks to reset the puff counter.
  • Temperature protection.
  • Atomiser short circuit protection.
  • Low voltage protection.
  • Reverse battery protection.
  • Uses one 20700/18650 battery.
  • 1 x iJoy 20700 - 3000mAh - 40Amp battery included.
  • Battery can be charged through the Micro-USB. (We do not recommend charging batteries inside a mod, always use an external charger.
  • Size: Diameter: 25/29.3mm, Height: 96.8mm.

Saber 100W Mod:

Saber gives you from 5 to 100Wattage, and let you use coils from 0.05 to 3 Ohms.

Saber is made in Stainless Steel, and have a spring loaded 510 connector that let your tank sit flush to the mod.
With its diameter of 29.3mm and height of 96.8mm it is a relative small and chubby mod, and you are able to use atomizers with a diameter up to 25mm.

Included in the box is an iJoy 20700 battery with 3000mAh and 40Amp discharge so you are ready at once, but you can use an 18650 battery as well by using the provided adapter sleeve. Battery is going in from the bottom of the mod, with the positive side first.

On the side you find a well-placed fire button and underneath the adjustment buttons and the OLED screen, on the opposite side is the Micro-USB port located, this is used for charging the battery inside the mod, but as always we recommend that you never charge the battery inside any mod but instead use an external charger to make sure the battery is charged correct.

To operate the Saber is easy, as there are not many things to remember, all you need to know is: 5 clicks on Fire to turn Saber On/Off and 3 clicks to reset the puff counter.

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