Eleaf iJust NexGen Start Kit
  • Eleaf iJust NexGen Start Kit
  • Eleaf iJust NexGen Start Kit
  • Eleaf iJust NexGen Start Kit

Eleaf - 3000mAh iJust NexGen Full Kit

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Eleaf iJust NexGen Start Kit

With a tank that can be extended from 2ml to 4ml capacity (thus allowing you to choose between compactness and volume), a battery of 3000 mAh with a fast-charge option (by use of a 1 Amp charger) and power enough to handle resistances as low as 0.15Ohm.

  • 3000mAh battery.
  • Max 50W output.
  • Volt output from 3.3V - 4.2V.
  • Will run atomizers as low as 0.15Ohm.
  • Tank capacity: 2.
  • Diameter 24.5mm, total length 117mm.

The Ijust Nexgen is an "all-in-one" e-cigarette where battery and tank are combined into one single unit.



  • Made of stainless steel.
  • 30000mAh battery.
  • Volt output: 3.3V - 4.2V.
  • Max 50W output.
  • Will run resistances between 0.15 - 3.5Ohm
  • Springloaded 510 connection.
  • Charging via the Micro-USB port.
  • 5 click on/off.
  • 10 second cut off.
  • Low Volt warning: LED will flash.
  • Low Volt protection: At 3.3V the battery shuts dow and blink 40 times. You can turn it back on when it's charged to 3.7V
  • LED displays battery level:
    • 100-60% Green.
    • 59-30% Orange.
    • 29-10% Blue.
    • 9-0% Red - time for a charge.
  • Atomizer short protection.
  • Overcharge protection.
  • Charging time using a 1 Amp charger: Approx. 4 hours.


  • Made of Stainless steel.
  • AFC (Air Flow Control) adjustment by mounting the rubber band over the airholes.
  • 510 drip tip compatible.
  • 2 replaceable HW1 coils included:
    • 0.2 Ohm coil.
    • Stainless 316 steel wire in a parallel vertical set-up.
    • 100% organic cotton wick.
    • Best performance between 40 - 80Watt.
  • Liquid capacity 2ml.
  • Easy top-fill.
  • Diameter 24.5mm, length 117mm

The keywords for this vaper are:

  • 2ml juice capacity.
  • Long battery life.
  • Easy to use.

The battery of 3000 mAh can be fully charged with a 1 Amp charger in about 4 hours via the Micro-USB port.

The battery has 5 click on/off and as mentioned you can go as low as 0.15 Ohm.
It has all the necessary safety features like short circuit protection, over charge protection and low Volt protection (at 3.3V the battery shuts dow and blink 40 times. You can turn iJust back on when it's charged to 3.7V).

The iJust Nexgen battery functions similar to a mechanical Mod.
When fully charged it will deliver 4.2 Volt and then slowly drop as you use it.
The kit has a diameter of 24.5mm, a total length of 117mm is made from stainless steel and has a spring loaded 510 connection.

To re-fill the tank, simply find the small arrow on the top cap and push it back in order to open the fill hole. Then fill your tank, push the top cap back in place...and you're ready to vape on.

The tank is 510 drip tip compatible and you get a steel wide bore drip tip with double O-rings in the set.

AFC: If you want it fully open simply use it as it is.
If you desire a tighter draw you need to use the rubber band supplied and mount it over the holes. You can then adjust the flow to your liking.

The iJust Nexgen kit comes with 2 coils:

  • 2 x 0.2 Ohm HW1 (High Watt 1) coils (one is pre-mounted). The coils features a dual parallel vertical design with stainless 316L steel wire and a 100% organic cotton Wick. They will perform best between 40 - 80Watt.