Aspire Dynamo 220W TC BoxMOD
  • Aspire Dynamo 220W TC BoxMOD
  • Aspire Dynamo 220W TC BoxMOD
  • Aspire Dynamo 220W TC BoxMOD
  • Aspire Dynamo 220W TC BoxMOD
  • Aspire Dynamo 220W TC BoxMOD
  • Aspire Dynamo 220W TC BoxMOD

Aspire - Dynamo 220W TC Box MOD

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Aspire Dynamo 220W TC BoxMOD

Uses 2x21700/20700/18650 batteries. (Not included)

Dynamo has advanced yet easy-to-use features and a dual battery set-up that will allow you to go as high as 220W.

  • Can use Watt from: 5 - 220W.
  • Temperature Control 100-315°C / 200-600°F.
  • Uses 2 x 21700/20700/18650 batteries. (Not included)
  • Will fit tanks up to 30mmm in diameter.
  • Size: 34mm x 49mm x 91mm.

With a maximum of 220W there is plenty of room for serious subohm vaping. Actually you can go as low as 0.1Ohm.
However, if you want to vape on lower Watts, you still get all the cool features and you will have an (almost) unlimited vape time from the two batteries.


  • Made of Steel and Stainless Steel.
  • Variabel Watt from 5W - 220W.
  • Variabel Volt from 0.5V - 9V.
  • In VW, VV and Bypass mode you can use atomizers from: 0.1 - 3 Ohm.
  • Temperature Control from: 100-315°C / 200-600°F
  • Have Nickel, Stainless Steel, Titanium and TCR modes in TC.
  • In Temperature mode you can use atomizere from 0.1 - 3 Ohm.
  • Uses 2x21700/20700/18650 batteries. (Not included)
  • Charging through Micro-USB port, can be charged with 2Amp.
  • Upgradable firmware.
  • 5 clicks on fire to turn Dynamo on.
  • When Dynamo is on, can you press Fire 5 times to lock/unlock the mod, if you want to turn it off, you have to hold fire button for 2 seconds when Dynamo is locked.
  • Press "Up" and Fire buttons at the same time to enter menu.
  • 3 clicks on fire to turn stealth mode On/Off.
  • Big and round 2" TFT colour screen.
  • Protection against low Ohm on atomizer.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Protected against overheating of the chipset.
  • Size: 34mm x 49mm x 91mm.


The Dynamo is made from Steel and has a spring-loaded Stainless Steel 510 connection, that will ensure that your tanks will fit flush on the box, you can use up to 30mm tanks on the Dynamo without experience any overhang.

On the front of the box you'll find a large and bright 2" TFT colour screen, and underneath the adjustment buttons and the Micro-USB port used for charging and updating the Firmware. The fire button is located on the side, is perfect for thumb or index finger firing.

You press fire 5 times to turn Dynamo on, if you want to turn it off, press 5 times to lock Dynamo, then long press fire for approx. 2 seconds and it will shut down.
Dynamo have a Stealth mode function you activate and deactivate with 3 clicks on fire, this way the screen will stay off when vaping.

Aspire Dynamo has an ergonomic design.

Watt, Volt or Temperature:

Dynamo have different modes to choose from, Wattage, Voltage, Bypass, Temperature control. (TCR is also an option if you want to use other types of wire or just want to fine tune the TCR value on a wire)

In Watt mode you can go from 5 to 220Watt, Volt mode you can adjust from 0.5 to 9Volt, Bypass mode turns Dynamo in to a mechanical mod, but still with all the protection that the PCB provides, Bypass mode gives you all the power from the battery direct to your coil, and as the battery drains the power will reduce accordingly.
In TC mode you can adjust freely between 100-315°C / 200-600°F, you can of course adjust the Wattage when running in TC, to get exactly the vape experience you want and expect.
To adjust the wattage in TC mode, you need to press "Up" and "Down" adjustment buttons at the same time, then the display will show power and TCR value and you can adjust it as you like.

Battery, charging and firmware:

Dynamo uses 2 batteries, you can choose between 21700, 20700 or with the included adapter 18650 batteries. (Batteries not included)

When using a mod that use 2 batteries it is very important that you: Get two new, strong batteries (minimum 30 Amp), make sure they are identical (same brand, same mAh and Amp limit).
Only to use them together and at the same time. Charge them together and for the same time.

The Micro-USB port is used for firmware upgrades and charging the batteries, we recommend that you never charge batteries inside a mod if they can be removed, always use an external charger to charger your batteries.

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