Aspire Cygnet 80W BoxMOD
  • Aspire Cygnet 80W BoxMOD
  • Aspire Cygnet 80W BoxMOD
  • Aspire Cygnet 80W BoxMOD
  • Aspire Cygnet 80W BoxMOD
  • Aspire Cygnet 80W BoxMOD
  • Aspire Cygnet 80W BoxMOD

Aspire - Cygnet 80W VW MOD

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Cygnet 80W VW MOD

Uses 1x18650 battery. (Battery sold separately)

Cygnet is a little compact mod with a simple design, it uses one 18650 battery, gives you up to 80Wattage, have 3 modes to choose from Variable Wattage/Voltage and Bypass.
Even though Cygnet seems like a simple mod, it has the necessary features.

  • Can use tanks up to 25mm in diameter.
  • Variable Wattage: 1 - 80Watt.
  • Variable Voltage: 0.5 - 8Volts.
  • Bypass mode.
  • Uses one 18650 flat top battery (sold separately).
  • Size - 24mm x 48mm x 72.5mm.


  • Can use tanks with a dimeter of 25mm.
  • Variable Wattage from 1W - 80W.
  • Variable Voltage from 0.5V - 8V.
  • Bypass mode, where Cygnet works like a mechanical mod.
  • Resistance between 0.1 - 3.5 Ohm.
  • Bright 0.86" OLED screen.
  • Stealth-function.
  • 5 click to turn Cygnet on.
  • When Cygnet is on, press Fire 5 times to lock and unlock it.
  • When Cygnet is locket hold fire for 3 seconds to turn it off.
  • To use stealth mode press Fire button 3 times.
  • Change Modes you hold the up and fire buttons for 2 seconds.
  • Stainless steel spring-loaded 510 connection.
  • 10 second cut off protection.
  • Temperature protection.
  • Atomiser short circuit protection.
  • Low voltage protection.
  • Uses one 18650 flat top battery of minimum 25Amp. (Battery not included)
  • Micro-USB port for charging.
  • Size: L: 24mm x W: 48mm x H: 72.5mm.

Design and operation:

Cygnet is a small and compact mod. On the front you find a 0.86" OLED screen that shows you Wattage/Voltage, Ohms and battery level. Just above the screen nice the fire button is placed, to find the adjustment buttons you need to look at the bottom of the mod.
Just under the screen the Micro-USB port is placed, it can be used for charging the battery, but it is not recommended to charge a removable battery inside a mod, always use an external charger that way you are sure the battery is charged correct.

You need one 18650 battery to power Cygnet, at the bottom of the mod you find the battery screw, remove that and drop the battery inside with positive pole first.

Press fire 5 times to power Cygnet, if you want to shut Cygnet down, you need to lock Cygnet and hold fire pressed for 3 seconds.
You can lock and unlock Cygnet by pressing fire 5 times.

To change between the different modes, you hold Fire and Up buttons for approx. 2 seconds.

When Cygnet is on, press fire 3 times to go to Stealth-mode. You can now vape without the screen lighting up.

The 3 Vape Modes:

Cygnet offers you 3 different vape modes: Variable Wattage mode where you can go from 1 to 80 Wattage. Variable Voltage mode with the option to go from 0.5 to 8 Voltage. Last you can choose to vape in Bypass mode, when in Bypass Mode Cygnet function like a mechanical mod where all the power from the battery is sent direct to your coil, and as the battery drains the power is reduced.

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