Aspire Breeze Coils - 1.2Ohm - 5pcs
  • Aspire Breeze Coils - 1.2Ohm - 5pcs
  • Aspire Breeze Coils - 1.2Ohm - 5pcs

Aspire - 5pcs Aspire Breeze Atomizer Head-1.2ohm

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Aspire Breeze Coils - 1.2Ohm - 5pcs

  • Fits the Breeze. (These coils do not fit in Nautilus X or PockeX)
  • Resistance: 1.2 Ohm.
  • 100% organic japanese cotton.
  • Features the Aspire U-Tect airflow.

These coils are made in a vertical dual coil design.

The U-Tech airflow design leads the air down through one of the coils, then turn in the bottom of the coil and go up and out through the other coil.
Aspire calls it the U-Tech airflow.

The wick is made from 100% organic Japanese cotton that will ensure an ample and stable juice flow to your coil.

When using these coils, please note:
Remember to prime your new coil before filling liquid in the tank. Drip aprox. 8 drops of e-juice directly onto the wick inside the coil to make sure it is drenched in juice.
Then fill the tank with juice and wait a few minutes before using the tank.

Purchase is for:

5 pcs - Aspire Breeze coils with a resistance of 1.0 Ohm.

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