KICK PODs (4stk - 1.6OHM)
  • KICK PODs (4stk - 1.6OHM)

KICK PODs (4stk - 1.6OHM)

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KICK PODs (4stk - 1.6OHM)

These Pods for your KICK MTL Kit have a resistance of 1.6Ohm, and are designed with a ceramic wick.
The Pod is filled from the top and have a capacity of approx. 1.5ml e-liquid.

When using a new Pod remove the mouthpiece, then you see a silicone sealing at the top of the Pod, now the Pod is filled take the small silicone piece and press it on the Pod, it will seal the fill holes, put the Pod in KICK and mount the mouthpiece, a good idea is to wait a few minutes if it is a brand new Pod you are using.

The manufacture stats that every Pod can be filled approx. 5 times before it has to be thrown out.
Note that the tank is made from plastic, this means that certain liquids can damage the plastic.

Purchase is for:

4 x KICK MTL Pods.