10ML Secrets Aroma (Mellow Nights)
  • 10ML Secrets Aroma (Mellow Nights)

Secrets Flavour (Mellow Nights)

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Secrets Flavour (Mellow Nights)

NOTE: Have to be diluted, do not vape right from the bottle!

Enjoy the sweet caress of night with this special little Secret. Mellow Nights is the real taste of tobacco: Soft but still with a bite.

"Secrets" from pink-mule are flavourings based on natural flavours from USA, UK and the EU. With the best ingredients we could find they have all been produced with great love and respect for the natures finest flavours.
We have tested, tasted and been tantilised by the aromas, in order to provide you with the best vaping experience you could ever wish for.

Recomended percentage when mixing:

(Should steep for a week)

  • Use around 10-20% flavouring.


  • 10 or 50 ml. Flavour.
  • Propylene Glycol. (PG)
  • Natural flavourings.
  • Presented in a glass bottle.





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