Vaporesso GT Coils - GT8
  • Vaporesso GT Coils - GT8

Vaporesso GT Coils - GT8

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Vaporesso GT Coils - GT8

A well-designed SubOhm-coil with 4 coilwires in a vertical set up for the Vaporesso NRG subohm tank.
The focus is on high performance and great flavour.

  • 0.15 Ohm. (30W-70W)
  • 100% organic Japanese cotton wick.

The NRG tank by Vaporesso is a favourite of many vapers and a great deal of the magic happens in the fantastic coils it uses.
The Octa coils have 2 parallel/4 wire vertical coil design that will take you as low as 0.15 Ohm.

The coils have large juice holes that will ensure a brilliant juiceflow and the wick is made from 100% organic Japanese cotton.

When using a coil with a resistance of 0.15 Ohm please note:

  • - That you need batteries of at least 35 Amp.
  • - Prime the coil before use: Drip e-liquid into all holes on the coil thus making sure the wick is fully drenched with liquid. Then fill your tank and wait a few minutes before use.
  • - Start at low Watts and slowly work your way up to the desired Wattage.

These coils are designed for use between 40 - 80 Watts.

Purchase is for:

3 pcs - Vaporesso GT8 coils with a resistance of 0.15 Ohm.

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