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Mom & Pop Aroma (RY4 v2)

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tobacco, caramel, vanilla with a twist


Mom & Pop Aroma - RY4 v2

NOTE: Do not vape straight from the bottle - have to be diluted!

The RY4 v2 is a sweet tobacco flavours. It contains the same ingredients like the other RY4 from Mom and Pop but with a twist. A must try for any RY4 lover.

Suggested mixing ratio: 10-20%.

None of Mom and Pop's flavours contains Diacetyl.


  • Natural and/or artificial flavourings.
  • Propylene Glycol.

Flavours from American Mom & Pop. These flavours are made to be used as they are, but can also be used in mixtures with other flavours.
A smaller producer, which certainly belongs to the best. At Mom and Pop, much time and effort is spent on making the best recipes for their flavours, so we as a consumers get the best flavour experience.

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