Joyetech ProCore Coils
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Joyetech ProCore Coils

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Joyetech ProCore Coils

Great ProC coils from Joyetech, they will fit the ProCore Aries tank, these coils will ensure lots of vapour and a clean and pure taste.

  • ProC1 Single coil 0.4ohm. (Direct lung inhale)
  • ProC1-S Single coil 0.25ohm. (Mouth to lung)
  • ProC2 Dual coil 0.15ohm. (Direct lung inhale)
  • ProC3 Tripple coil 0.2ohm. (Direct lung inhale)
  • ProC4 Quad coil 0.15 Ohm. (Direct lung inhale)
  • Kanthal wire is used for coil in ProC1 and ProC1-S.
  • NiCr wire is used for coil in ProC2, ProC3 and ProC4.
  • 100% organic Japanese cotton wick.

The ProC coils is made with different coil setup inside, they go from one coil up to five coils inside, the ProC1-S coil is the only one designed for moouth to lung vaping, the rest is for direct lung vaping.
All the coils are made with a vertical setup, the wick in the ProC coils is made from 100% organic Japanese cotton that will ensure an ample and stable juice flow to your coil.

When using Joyetech ProC coils, please note:

  • Remember to prime your new coil before filling liquid in the tank. Drip approx. 8 drops of e-juice directly onto the wick inside the coil to make sure it is drenched in juice. Then fill the tank with juice and wait a few minutes before using the tank.
  • Start at a low Watt setting (if using a VW Mod) and increase the power gradually.

The best Wattage setting for these coils are:

  • ProC1 Single coil (0.4ohm) - 40-80 Watt.
  • ProC1-S Single coil (0.25ohm) - 25-55 Watt.
  • ProC2 Dual coil (0.15ohm) - 30-70 Watt.
  • ProC3 Tripple coil (0.2ohm) - 40-130 Watt.
  • ProC4 Quad coil (0.15ohm) - 50-110 Watt.

The purchase is for:

5 pcs - Joyetech ProC coils with requested Ohm.