Vandy Vapes Mesh RDA Dripper
  • Vandy Vapes Mesh RDA Dripper

Vandy Vapes Mesh RDA Dripper

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Vandy Vapes Mesh RDA

The Mesh RDA from Vandy Vapes gives you the option to use Mesh or single/dual coil with ordinary wire. Mesh RDA have a flat deck with 2 slots to secure the wire/mesh.

  • Made of: Stainless Steel.
  • Dual coil, Single coil and Mesh compatible.
  • Dual slotted side air flow.
  • Diameter 24mm.

With the Mesh RDA you get a unique and versatile atomizer that will bring you a new vaping experience.


  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • 24mm Diameter.
  • Deep juice well.
  • Innovative postless, dual terminal design.
  • Clamp mechanism - Properly secure Mesh sheet
  • Lock down via large slotted flathead screw per post.
  • Max Mesh width - 10mm.
  • Dual slotted side air flow.
  • 18.5mm wide Delrin Doc drip tip.
  • 17.5mm wide ULTEM drip tip.
  • 510 Drip tip adapter
  • Bottom-Feeding pin included.
  • Gold Plated 510 pin.

The Mesh RDA:

The Mesh RDA by Vandy Vapes gives us one of most innovative deck we have seen on any RDA, with a side-secured postless build deck to accommodate the use of Mesh sheet but also standard single or dual coil setup can be used.

An advancement in functional designs, the Mesh RDA measures 24mm in diameter and 25mm in height.
The build deck is a postless design, with huge terminal openings/slots that will secures the Mesh wire with a clamp mechanism. Once the Mesh sheet is placed between the clamps in each opening, it can be secured via a large slotted flathead screws on the side of the deck.

To properly use the Mesh RDA, add your cotton to the wicking area within the Mesh sheet and make sure to saturate the cotton before use. The result of huge surface area of the Mesh material gives a remarkable flavour experience unlike any other RDA in the market.

Due to the design of the terminals and clamping mechanism, the Mesh RDA allows for the accommodation of standard coils, whether it is single or dual setup.

The juice well is cleverly designed to allow efficient squonk-ready set-up, with an included BF 510 pin that feeds directly into the juice well. The air flow system implements a dual slotted structure, entering the chamber with a smooth channel directly into the Mesh/coils.

The Mesh RDA includes a 510 drip tip adapters, alongside a 17.5mm Wide ULTEM Drip Tip and an 18.5mm Wide Delrin Doc Drip Tip.

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