Dotmod dotRDA Single Coil Dripper
  • Dotmod dotRDA Single Coil Dripper

Dotmod dotRDA Single Coil RDA

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Dotmod dotRDA Single Coil RDA

The DotRDA single coil is designed in California by Dotmod and made in China. DotRDA might not be a powerful steam cannon but still it delivers plenty of vapour and an amazing flavourful vape.

  • Materials: Top cap made of Aluminium. Deck made from Brass.
  • Single coil set up.
  • Air flow is coming from the sides, fully adjustable.
  • Postless deck design.
  • Reduced chamber for intense flavour.
  • Diameter: 22mm. Height: 23mm.

If you are on the lookout for a nice flavour RDA, but still want plenty of vapor, maybe DotRDA is what you are looking for.


  • Materials: Top cap anodized Aluminium. Deck made from Gold plated Brass.
  • Postless deck design.
  • Wire holes is approx. 2mm x 1.5mm.
  • Only for single coil set up.
  • Slotted air holes that measures 5mm.
  • Reduced chamber for intense flavour.
  • 7mm deep juice well.
  • PEEK insulators for maximum heat resistance.
  • Standard 510 Wide bore drip tip, two included.
  • Two 510 pins included, one for squonk and a standard, both pins are Gold plated.
  • Size: diameter: 22mm, height: 23mm.


The RDA is a mere 23mm high so it is perfect for a compact set up when you still want maximum power and performance.
The base is made from Brass and plated with 24K Gold for maximum conductivity, and the topcap is anodized Aluminium.

The positive screws in the 510 connector (both the BF and standard) is plated with 24K Gold, and all insulators used are made of PEEK that can resist high temperatures.

This RDA comes with two standard 510 drip tip, one made of anodized Aluminium and the second is made of Ultem. If you have a favourite 510 drip tip you have the option to use it on the DotRDA.

Under the hood:

The DotRDA features a nice postless deck design, that have 2 post screws, this might be a bit strange to build on as it is a quite unique deck design.
Dotmod have plated the deck with 24K Gold to maximize the conductivity.

The holes for the wire are approx. 2mm x 1.5mm so you can use some rather exotic coils. When making your own coils remember that you need to wrap them clock wise, this way the coil will be easy to place on the deck, but you can also use counter clock wise wrapped coils but with those it can be a bit harder to get the coil in correctly. You can take a look at the video at the bottom if this do not make sense.

With the DotRDA you receive a metal rod that is used to place your coil on the deck, but you can also use it when wrapping your coil. You will also get a small tool this small tool is used to bend and cut the leads of the coil to the correct position and length.

If you are in for a flavour full vape with rather big clouds, then DotRDA might be the RDA you are looking for.


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