Ethyl Maltol 5G
  • Ethyl Maltol 5G

Ethyl Maltol 5G

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Ethyl Maltol 5G

The Ethyl Maltol is a white christalline power and resemble the taste of sugar / caramel / cotton candy.

Best used to sweeten your flavour or take the edge off a stronger flavours such as a tobacco eliquid.

Ethyl Maltol have a pleasant smell and are widely used as a flavourant in the food, beverage, tobacco and fragrance industries.

Suggested dilution: 

  • 1G Ethyl Maltol & 28ML PG or 80ML VG

The diluted mixture of Ethyl Maltol can then be added to your eliquid one drop at a time.

Add small drops at first to your eliquid until you get the desired taste you require.


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