• 1.1
    These terms and conditions (the"Terms") apply to the ordering of products ("Products") from's webshop or otherwise. 
  • 1.2
    The conditions applicable to the products offered for sales on this website are listed below. By checking the "I have read and accepted" on the order form and submit the order form, you accept and agree to be subject to conditions. 
  • 1.3 reserves the right to change the terms at any time without notice. Such changes will not apply to orders that are submitted before the conditions were changed and published on the website. 
  • 1.4
    It should be noted that is based in Denmark and therefore subject to Danish law. 
  • 1.5
    If you have questions or comments about the conditions, notices of cancellation, termination, return or refund, please contact us via the contact-page


  • 2.1
    An order may be made online by completing the order form on the website. 
  • 2.2
    All products are supplied subject to availability. We will contact you as soon as possible by e-mail or phone if the ordered product is not available. 
  • 2.3
    We aim at maintaining a good quality of the images published on the site, but please be aware that the product ordered may vary in color/design from the one showed on the website .
  • 2.4
    If you provide a valid e-mail address, we will notify you as soon as possible to confirm your booking. 
  • 2.5
    Its prohibited to buy from under the age of 18 years.


  • 3.1 will perform the delivery as soon as possible after payment is received and available at's account.
    Usually 2-3 days from shipping date, depending on country and freight.
  • 3.2
    If a product is not available in the quantity ordered, we will notify you accordingly and you can then decide if you want to order a lesser amount or cancel the order.
  • 3.3 may at its discretion decide to make partial shipments. If this happens, you will incurre in no extra cost. It will only be charged as if everything was delivered together.
  • 3.4
    If delivery is not possible within 15 days, you are entitled to cancel the order. If a payment is made, such payment will be refunded by us as soon as possible but maximum within 14 days.
  • 3.5
  • If you need your order shipped to a country outside the EU, please be notice that your may country have rules for how much you can import before you have to pay duty and VAT on your purchases.When you log into your account on, and you choose shipping for your country outside the EU, the prices for your purchase will be shown without VAT. You need to pay VAT to your country when buying goods that cost over a certain amount (value). Besides that you will also be charges a customs fee.Some countries may have limitations to which products you can i import.You are responsible for complying with the current rules / laws in your country, and for searching for relevant information about them. You will in most cases be able to find that information on your countrys Postal Service website. Should your package be returned to due to such conditions, you can get a refund for your purchases, but the shipping cost will be decucted, as this has already been paid for by


  • 4.1
    All prices are quoted in the currency the customer has chosen. The prices published on the website exclude delivery costs. 
  • 4.2
    Delivery charges may vary from time to time depending on the mode of delivery, and those costs are calculated separately and described on the website when you place your order. The total price listed on the order form is the total amount of the ordered products. If the packaging changed weight from the purchase or otherwise, and the shipping costs exceed the calculated, is entitled to have these costs reimbursed.
  • 4.3
    You agree to indemnify for any additional shipping and/or handling charges incurred as a result of your failure to receive or collect the delivery or an incorrect/incomplete address at which it has not been possible for the selected carrier to deliver in accordance with the agreed delivery terms.


  • 5.1
    You can pay for products using the payment methods shown on the website. 
  • 5.2 provides a secure payment line using an external supplier and ensuring that you always have the highest level of security, encrypting your payment information automatically as you enter it.
  • 5.3 will withdraw money when the product has shipped.
  • 5.4 receives payments from Visa, Mastercard, Dankort and Paypal.
  • 5.5
    Paying with a corporate or a card issued outside EU, you will be added a surcharge for the transactionfee



  • 6.1
    You may within 14 days undo the agreement. 
    Period runs from the day you received the goods or the first delivery is received.
    Before the end of the withdrawal period, you must send back or give back the received goods to us. It is sufficient that before the deadline it has been received at the post office or another company that is in charge to forward it to us. If you want to make sure you comply with the timing, you can for example keep the receipt as proof that you have handed over the goods to the post office, within the deadline.
    Unless otherwise agreed, you must pay the costs (postage/freight) for product return. If we have supplied a replacemente because the product as a whole could not be delivered, it is the cost of returning the products to us. You can withdraw from the contract by failing to accept the goods. If you return a product that has been used, and therefore not suitable for reselling, please note that you will have to pay the postage costs if you want it returned to you.
  • 6.2
    If a payment is made, we will refund it promptly and no later than within 14 days from our receipt of the returned product. We will refund only the amount received and not your delivery costs of returning the product to us.
  • 6.3
    You will lose your right to cancel the agreement if you are not able to return it in the same condition as when you received it, so that the product can be sold as new to another buyer. This does not apply if the product's condition has deteriorated as a result of (a) the actions necessary to control the product, or (b) circumstances not attributable to you. In any case, we recommend at any time that you take appropriate and reasonable steps to maintain the product's condition and that you make sure that the product is returned safely to us. Besides the right to cancel the order, you also have other rights, if the product is damaged or defective. See also below under the section 7.4.
  • 6.4
    Complaints regarding failure of the product must be notified within a reasonable time after you have discovered the defect. We recommend that you send your complaint in writing to at the email listed below in section 1.5. Since liquid containers (cartomizer, clearomizer, etc.) are particularly sensitive to the vaper's own use, they are only given 24 hours warranty. They must be tested on receipt to ensure function. The batteries for ecigs have a 3 month guarantee, on its worn pieces.
  • 6.5
    If the complaint is justified, you can ask for (a) a remedy for the defect, or (b) the supply of a replacement, if this is possible and will not inflict undue selling costs. 
  • 6.6
    If we are unable to remedy the defect in the product or deliver a replacement or if such replacement is not succeful, you may select the option to cancel the order or request a price reduction.
  • 6.7
    If you recieve an order and an item is missing or defect, can decide if we pay you back for it, or if you agree credit your account. This will especially be actual if the cost of the product is not reasonable compared to the shipping cost for to send the missing product.

7.  USE:

  • 7.1 assumes no responsibility for claims made as a result of (a) non-intended use or handling of the product, (b) used in combination with accessories for which the product is not intended. 
    The buyer is made aware that even small errors in the handling of the products can destroy these or permanently reduce their utility, in which case the seller is not responsible.
    Have into account that if the application is not presented correctly, it could imply a risk for you. 
  • 7.2
    The buyer is familiar with the fact that the eliquids purchased from are not intended for ingestion, and that this can be seriou0y harmful. The buyer must therefore store the acquired liquids inaccessible to children and pets, and generally for people who do not know their correct application. Seller bears no responsibility for improper use of the liquids. 
  • 7.3
    Buyer is made aware that the electrical components including batteries acquired at can overheat when connected to power and therefore cause excessive heat and fire. Therefore it must not be left unattended at power or placed near flammable effects, and the buyer is responsible for any damages which may arise in this regard. 
  • 7.4
    The purchaser is aware that many of products are not of a very long durability and get impared/ lose their functionality and break, and must therefore be replaced. With a thoughtful and careful treatment their life is extended considerably, however, unexperienced users must be aware that they may need more frequent replacements and the seller is not responsible. 


Note that electronic cigarettes typically have a limited life and wearing parts are therefore not covered by the standard warranty of 2 years (as for instance, tires and shoe soles). The warranty on the electronic parts and battery is 3 months. 

Battery, atomizer and cartridges will be decomposed by use and will need replacement of the wearing parts.   

Always test liquid container with burners (clearomizer, cartomizer, etc) upon receipt for there are only 24 h available to make a complaint. informs that some eliquids can attack liquid containers (atomizers, clearomizers, etc.) and makes no warranty on any failure or harm on those the consumer has filled up with the eliquid.  This applies even if the eliquids have been obtained from, since is not responsible for any harms associated with this use. 

8. FORCE MAJEURE is not responsible for any failure or delay in the performance of the contract if and to the extent that such failure or delay is directly or indirectly caused by circumstances which are beyond reasonable control and could not have been avoided by taking reasonable precautions.

Privatlivs- og cookiepolitik

Vi tager din databeskyttelse alvorligt. Vi behandler persondata og har derfor vedtaget denne privatlivspolitik, der fortæller dig, hvordan vi behandler dine data.

Pink Mule er dataansvarlig for de oplysninger, som vi indsamler om dig og vi sikrer, at dine personoplysninger behandles i overensstemmelse med lovgivningen.

Hvis du ønsker at kontakte os angående vores behandling af personoplysninger, kan du gøre det på:

Behandling af persondata

Personoplysninger er alle slags informationer, der i et eller andet omfang kan henføres til dig.

Som kunde hos os indsamler vi følgende personoplysninger om dig: navn, adresse, telefonnummer, email

Når du benytter vores website indsamler og behandler vi en række informationer. Det sker f.eks. ved alm. tilgang af indhold, hvis du tilmelder dig vores nyhedsbrev, deltager i konkurrencer eller undersøgelser, registrerer dig som bruger eller abonnent, øvrig brug af services eller foretager køb via websitet.

Vi indsamler og behandler typisk følgende typer af oplysninger: Et unikt ID og tekniske oplysninger om din computer, tablet eller mobiltelefon, dit IP-nummer, geografisk placering, samt hvilke sider, du klikker på (interesser). I det omfang du selv giver eksplicit samtykke hertil og selv indtaster informationerne behandles desuden: Navn, telefonnummer, e-mail, adresse og betalingsoplysninger. Det vil typisk være i forbindelse med oprettelse af login eller ved køb.

Privatlivspolitik ifm. rekruttering

Ved modtagelse af ansøgning og bilag, bliver det fremsendte materiale gennemlæst af den relevante leder med det formål at kunne besvare og vurdere indholdet i forhold til et defineret job.

Ansøgning og bilag bliver delt internt med relevante personer i rekrutteringsprocessen og bliver ikke videregivet til andre udenfor virksomheden.

Ansøgning og bilag gemmes indtil den rette kandidat er fundet, og rekrutteringsprocessen er afsluttet. Herefter vil ansøgning og bilag blive slettet.

Ved uopfordrede ansøgninger gemmes ansøgning og bilag max i 6 måneder, hvorefter det slettes.

Hvis ansøgning og bilag gemmes i mere end 6 måneder, indhentes særskilt samtykke hos kandidaten.

Sikkerhed Vi har truffet passende tekniske og organisatoriske foranstaltninger mod, at dine oplysninger hændeligt eller ulovligt bliver slettet, offentliggjort, fortabt, forringet eller kommer til uvedkommendes kendskab, misbruges eller i øvrigt behandles i strid med lovgivningen.

Formål Personoplysninger om kunder indsamles til følgende formål: – Behandling af dit køb og levering af vores ydelse

– Administration af din relation til os


Vi indsamler, behandler og opbevarer kun de persondata, der er nødvendige i forhold til at opfylde vores fastsatte formål. Derudover kan det være bestemt ved lovgivning, hvilken type data, der er nødvendig at indsamle og opbevare for vores forretningsdrift. Typen og omfanget af de persondata, vi behandler, kan også være bestemt af behovet for at opfylde en kontrakt eller en anden retlig forpligtelse.

Data holdes ajour Da vores service er afhængig af, at dine data er korrekte og opdaterede, beder vi dig oplyse os om relevante ændringer i dine data. Du kan benytte kontaktoplysningerne ovenfor til at meddele os dine ændringer, så sørger vi for at opdatere dine persondata. Hvis vi selv bliver opmærksomme på, at data ikke er korrekte, opdaterer vi oplysningerne og giver dig meddelelse om dette.

Periode for opbevaring

Oplysningerne opbevares i det tidsrum, der er tilladt i henhold til lovgivningen, og vi sletter dem, når de ikke længere er nødvendige. Perioden afhænger af karakteren af oplysningen og baggrunden for opbevaring. Det er derfor ikke muligt at angive en generel tidsramme for, hvornår informationer slettes.

Videregivelse af oplysninger

Vi benytter en række tredjeparter til opbevaring og behandling af data, herunder leverandører af it-løsninger.

Videregivelse af personoplysninger som navn og e-mail m.v. til andre formål vil kun ske, hvis du giver samtykke til det.

Vi anvender kun databehandlere i EU eller i lande, der kan give dine oplysninger en tilstrækkelig beskyttelse.

Brug af cookies

Når du besøger vores website, indsamles der oplysninger om dig, som bruges til at tilpasse og forbedre vores indhold og til at øge værdien af de annoncer, der vises på siden. Hvis du ikke ønsker, at der indsamles oplysninger, bør du slette dine cookies og undlade videre brug af websitet. Nedenfor har vi uddybet, hvilke informationer der indsamles, deres formål og hvilke tredjeparter, der har adgang til dem.

Cookies gemmes på din computer, mobil el. tilsvarende med det formål at genkende den, huske indstillinger, udføre statistik og målrette annoncer. Cookies kan ikke indeholde skadelig kode som f.eks. virus.

Hvis du sletter eller blokerer cookies, vil annoncer kunne blive mindre relevante for dig og optræde hyppigere. Du kan desuden risikere, at websitet ikke fungerer optimalt samt at der er indhold, du ikke kan få adgang til.

Hvad er en cookie? En cookie er en lille tekstfil, som vi gemmer på din computer for at kunne holde styr på, hvad der sker under dit besøg og for at kunne genkende computeren. En cookie indeholder kun tekst, er ikke et program og indeholder ikke virus.

Sådan afviser eller sletter du dine cookies Du kan altid afvise cookies på din computer ved at ændre indstillingerne i din Internet-browser. Hvor du finder indstillingerne afhænger af, hvilken browser du anvender. Du skal dog være opmærksom på, at hvis du gør det, er der mange funktioner og services, du ikke kan bruge, fordi disse funktioner og services forudsætter, at hjemmesiden kan huske de valg, du foretager.

Cookies som du tidligere har accepteret, kan efterfølgende nemt slettes. Benytter du en PC /computer med en nyere Internet-browser, kan du slette dine cookies ved at bruge genvejstasterne:

CTRL + SHIFT + Delete. Virker genvejstasterne ikke, og/eller benytter du en MAC, skal du starte med at finde ud af, hvilken browser du bruger og herefter klikke på det relevante link:

Microsoft Internet Explorer Google Chrome Safari Firefox

Husk: Bruger du flere Internet-browsere, skal du slette cookies i dem alle.

Tredjepartscookies Websitet indeholder cookies fra tredjeparter, der i varierende omfang kan omfatte:

Google Analytics

Dine rettigheder

Du har til en enhver tid ret til at få oplyst, hvilke data vi behandler om dig, hvor de stammer fra, og hvad vi anvender dem til. Du kan også få oplyst, hvor længe vi opbevarer dine persondata, og hvem, der modtager data om dig, i det omfang vi videregiver data i Danmark og i udlandet.

Hvis du anmoder om det, kan vi oplyse dig om de data, vi behandler om dig. Adgangen kan dog være begrænset af hensyn til andre personers privatlivsbeskyttelse, til forretningshemmeligheder og immaterielle rettigheder.

Du kan gøre brug af dine rettigheder ved at henvende dig til os. Vores kontaktoplysninger finder du øverst.

Hvis du mener, at de persondata, vi behandler om dig, er unøjagtige, har du ret til at få dem rettet. Du skal henvende dig til os og oplyse os om, hvori unøjagtighederne består, og hvordan de kan rettes.

I nogle tilfælde vil vi have en forpligtelse til at slette dine persondata. Det gælder fx, hvis du trækker et eventuelt afgivet samtykke tilbage. Hvis du mener, at dine data ikke længere er nødvendige i forhold til det formål, som vi indhentede dem til, kan du bede om at få dem slettet. Du kan også kontakte os, hvis du mener, at dine persondata bliver behandlet i strid med lovgivningen eller andre retlige forpligtelser.

Her har også mulighed for at indgive en klage til Datatilsynet.

Når du henvender dig med en anmodning om at få rettet eller slettet dine persondata, undersøger vi, om betingelserne er opfyldt, og gennemfører i så fald ændringer eller sletning så hurtigt som muligt.

Du har ret til at gøre indsigelse mod vores behandling af dine persondata. Du kan også gøre indsigelse mod vores videregivelse af dine data til markedsføringsformål. Du kan bruge kontaktoplysningerne øverst til at sende en indsigelse. Hvis din indsigelse er berettiget, sørger vi for at ophøre med behandlingen af dine persondata.

Du har mulighed for at benytte dig af dataportabilitet, i så fald du ønsker dine oplysninger flyttet til en anden dataansvarlig eller databehandler.

Vi sletter af egen drift dine persondata, når de ikke længere er nødvendige for det formål, som de er indsamlet til.

Dette websted ejes af
Pink Mule
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