8Bit Heroes Brassbeard Shake n' Vape - 40/60ml
  • 8Bit Heroes Brassbeard Shake n' Vape - 40/60ml

8Bit Heroes - Brassbeard (60ml Shortfill)

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8Bit Heroes Brassbeard Shake n' Vape - 40/60ml

NOTE: Have to be mixed with supplied base before use!

8Bit Heroes started its mixing career in the early days of vaping history, yet its only recent that these recipes have been brought to the vaping scene. A select range of high quality flavor concentrates. The long creation process ensures that each concentrate has the right taste from the first point of mixing and several months later

Flavour description:

The taste of juicy lemons, complimented by sweet raspberries and a few leaves of mint. The perfect mix of sweet and sour.

This is what you get:

The liquids in the 8Bit Heroes pre-mix series comes as a Shake'n Vape set.
You get:

  • 1 x 40ml Flavour-mix 70% VG/30% PG (well steeped) in a 60ml bottle.
  • 2 x 10ml E-liquid Base with or without nicotine.

The 60 ml bottle will then fit both the flavour and the base and you'll end up with 60ml of ready-to-vape e-liquid with the nicotine strength you choose.

This is how you do it:

1. Shake the bottle with the nicotine base.
2. Empty the two 10 ml nicotine base into the 60 ml base containing the flavour.
3. Put the lid back on the bottle and shake well - and let it settle for a day or two before use for maximum flavour (optional).

This is how you end up:

Happy, satisfied and with a brilliant 'home-shaken' e-liquid in your tank!

It is Shakingly Easy!

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