Wismec Active BoksMOD
  • Wismec Active BoksMOD
  • Wismec Active BoksMOD
  • Wismec Active BoksMOD
  • Wismec Active BoksMOD
  • Wismec Active BoksMOD
  • Wismec Active BoksMOD
  • Wismec Active BoksMOD
  • Wismec Active BoksMOD
  • Wismec Active BoksMOD
  • Wismec Active BoksMOD
  • Wismec Active BoksMOD

Wismec Active MOD

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A Durable Mod!

Wismec have designed the Active mod to be extremely durable, it is water and dust proof to the IP67 standard, but also shockproof because of the thick rubber that is surrounding the mod.
With this in mind this mod is what you would take with you if you are out wandering around in the high mountains. Wismec also have integrated a Bluetooth speaker inside, so when crossing mount Everest, you can listen to your favourite song.

  • Water- and Dust proof: IP67 Standard.
  • Shockproof.
  • Bluetooth speaker.
  • Variabel Wattage: 1W - 80W.
  • Integrated 2100mAh battery.
  • Power, Bypass and TC modes.
  • Dimensions: 94.5m x 55.6mm x 26.5mm.

The mod have an integrated 2100mAh battery, and gives you 80Watts of power and the option to use different modes. Because it is shock, water and dust proof the size is a bit compromized as is measures 94.5m x 55.6mm x 26.5mm, but with the features it have it do not matter you will get a mod that will be hard to destroy.


  • Water- and Dust proof: IP67 Standard.
  • Shockproof due to the thick rubber cover.
  • Integrated Bluetooth speaker.
  • Materials: Steel and Stainless Steel.
  • Spring loaded 510 connection.
  • Variabel Wattage: 1W - 80W.
  • Bright 0.91" OLED screen.
  • Min/max Ohm in Power and Bypass mode: 0.05 - 3.5 Ohm.
  • Temperature Control using Ni200, Titanium and Stainless Steel wire/coils.
  • Temperature: 100°-300°C (200°-600°F)
  • Min/max Ohm in TC mode: 0.05 - 1.5 Ohm
  • Integrated 2100mAh battery.
  • Micro-USB port for charging and updating firmware.
  • Ability to charge with 2 Amp.
  • 5 click On/Off.
  • 3 clicks to change between modes.
  • 10 second cut off.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Low resistance/ohm protection.
  • Low Voltage protection.
  • Overheating protection.
  • Size: 94.5m x 55.6mm x 26.5mm.

Active Mod:

Wismec have designed the Active mod for people that loves outdoor activities, as it can withstand a bit of everything. It is not most people that accidentally drop their mod in the toilet, but if it should happen Active would survive!!

As you might have understood by now, Active is water and dust proof due to the IP67 standard it complies with, besides that it is also shockproof to a certain point, the surrounding rubber will reduce and shock if you accidentally should drop it.
To make sure Active always is water, dust and shock proof do not remove the rubber from the outside, and if you do make sure it is 100% correctly installed, and the USB plug is securely put in place.

A really cool feature is that Wismec have put a Bluetooth speaker inside Active, this way you are able to vape in tune with your favourite music. To be able to use the Bluetooth you need to pair the mod and your phone. (Or other Bluetooth device)

On the "front" of the mod you will find the fire button, OLED screen and adjustment buttons and on the "back" side the buttons to control the Bluetooth speaker is located.
To turn Active On/Off simply press the fire button 5 times, and by pressing the fire button 3 times you can change the mode.

Active delivers from 1-80 watts in Power and Bypass mode, and can use atomizers from 0.05 to 3.5 Ohms. In Temperature Control (TC and TCR) mode the resistance range is from 0.05 to 1.5 Ohms and adjust the temperature between 100°-300°C (200°-600°F).

Different modes:

Active have different modes to choose from:

VW (Variable Wattage) for "normal vaping" using kanthal wire.
TI (Variable Temp Titanium) allows for the use of Titanium wire.
Ni (Variable Temp Nickel) allows you the use of nickel wire.
SS316 (Variable Temp Stainless 316 Steel) allows you to use stainless 316 steel.
TCR (Variable Temp where you set the wire coefficient yourself) allows you to use other types of wire for vaping.
Bypass mode where Active works like a mechanical Mod and you get direct power from the battery, and the power will fall when the battery drains.

Battery and firmware:

Active have an integrated battery with the capacity of 2100mAh, Wismec have made it possible to charge the battery with 2Amp. If using a 2Amp charger the charging of the battery will be fast.

The cool features of today might not be the coolest one’s tomorrow as the technology moves fast. This is why you can update the firmware of the chip in your Active, through the Micro-USB port.
This will ensure that you will always have the latest features right at hand.
If anything should go wrong when upgrading the firmware Wismec have put a reset button just beside the Micro-USB port.

Note: The purchase is only for the Active Mod, the tank shown in the video is not included.

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