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Coil Master 60 pcs Premade Kanthal A1 Extreme Coils

Price: DKR 185.00
Ex Tax: DKR 148.00
Brand: Coil Master
Product Code: CoilMaster premade coils BOX
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60 pre-spun crazy-coils!

This box from Coil Master contains 60 pre-spun coils made from some of the most radical wire types imaginable.

The coils come in a beautiful wooden box and glass tubes, underlining the exclusivity of these coil wonders.

  • Choose from four different types of pre-made coils.
  • All coils are made from Kanthal A1 wire.
  • Comes in a wooden box with six glass tubes. Each tube contains 10 coils. That's sixty pre-made coils!

Vape-masters Coil Master have done the hard work for you and spun different extreme-coil types for you.
All are made from high-quality Kanthal A1 wire and you get six tubes, each with ten identical coils (remember to choose) with an inner diameter of 3mm in a tube so all you need is to
 make sure the wire-holes in your atty is large enough, mount them in your RBA/RDA and get ready for Vaping On The Wild Side.

It is recommended to know your way around Ohm's law when using these coils as some of them will have a very low resistance if used in a dual coil set-up.
You can find more info on Ohm's law here.

The design of the coils allows the e-juice to go between the wires thus creating a very dense and flavorful vapour.
You will definitely get a whole new vaping experience with these coils.


  • All coils are made from Kanthal A1 wire.
  • Inner diameter: 3mm.
  • Choose your style of coil:
  • 10 pcs pre-spun Fused Clapton coils of approx. 0.45Ohm.
    • Wire thickness:  Approx. 1.2mm
  • 10 pcs pre-spun Flat Twisted coils of approx.. 0.36Ohm.
    • Wire thickness:  Approx. 0.8mm
  • 10 pcs pre-spun Hive coils of approx. 0.5Ohm.
    • Wire thickness:  Approx.. 1mm
  • 10 pcs pre-spun Mix Twisted coils of approx. 0.45Ohm.
    • Wire thickness:  Approx. 0.9mm
  • Comes in a nice wooden box with six glass tubes containing the coils.


The purchase is for:
1 x Wooden box with
10 x Glass tubes with
60 x Coil Master pre-made coils.


Fused Clapton Coil


Flat Twisted Coil


Hive Coil


Mix Twisted Coil









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