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It can be a bit of a challenge to find out what mizers to choose and which ones are best for the gear you have or would like to have.

The 510 and eGo thread are the most common. The two are not identical:

Billede der viser 510 og eGo gevind
As you can see, the 510 only has a internal thread (FEMALE), and eGo has both an internal and an external thread (MALE)
On an eGo battery you can therefore use mizers with an internal thread that protrudes beyond the top shiny part of the battery.
With the 510 thread you can only screw something into it but not onto it.

Mizers with an eGo thread. As you can see, they have a collar and an internal thread that wouldn’t fit a battery without eGo thread which only has an internal thread (MALE).
The mizers must protrude in order to be screwed on and make contact. (it’s the pin in the middle that has to reach down into your battery).

You can use 510 thread on both eGo and all other mizers with only 510 thread.
But ... you cannot use eGo thread on batteries with 510 thread.

However, there is a solution:

…an adapter as shown on the photo can be used with your CE4 so will fit e.g, ProVari and other batteries with only 510 thread.

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