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Ce4 1.8Ohm - Kangertech - Ego Connection with Childproof top

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Brand: KangerTech
Product Code: ce4 kangertech
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Secrets-Adams Bobbles - 0-18mg/10ml Secrets-Adams Bobbles - 0-18mg/10ml
DKR 36.16 Qty:
Secrets-BlueblueBerries - 0-18mg/10ml Secrets-BlueblueBerries - 0-18mg/10ml
DKR 36.15 Qty:
Secrets-Butterscotch Tobacco 0-18mg/10ml Secrets-Butterscotch Tobacco 0-18mg/10ml
DKR 36.16 Qty:
Secrets-Naughty Gummy Bears 0-18mg/10ml Secrets-Naughty Gummy Bears 0-18mg/10ml
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Secrets-Hannas Havanas Tobacco 0-18mg/10ml Secrets-Hannas Havanas Tobacco 0-18mg/10ml
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Secrets-Cool Lips 0-18mg/10ml Secrets-Cool Lips 0-18mg/10ml
DKR 36.15 Qty:
Secrets-Licorice Sweets 0-18mg/10ml Secrets-Licorice Sweets 0-18mg/10ml
DKR 36.15 Qty:
Secrets-Mellow Nights 0-18mg/10ml Secrets-Mellow Nights 0-18mg/10ml
DKR 36.16 Qty:
Secrets-MuyJito 0-18mg/10ml Secrets-MuyJito 0-18mg/10ml
DKR 36.16 Qty:
Secrets-S*More FanTasty 0-18mg/10ml Secrets-S*More FanTasty 0-18mg/10ml
DKR 36.16 Qty:
Secrets-Shake a Snake 0-18mg/10ml Secrets-Shake a Snake 0-18mg/10ml
DKR 36.15 Qty:
Secrets-Black Licorice Caramels  0-18mg/10ml Secrets-Black Licorice Caramels 0-18mg/10ml
DKR 36.16 Qty:
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1 pcs. Ego Clearomizers (CE4) 1.6ml.

Besides being an excellent clearomizer it looks fabulous and will ad plenty of elegance on your Ego/Fly battery.

  • Good vapour production and taste
  • No leakage
  • Easy to fill by just using your bottle.
  • Long life.
  • Can be tilted and turned without risk of leakage or gurgling.
  • Will hold up to 1.6ml.
  • Childproof drip tip/mouthpiece keeps small fingers from accessing the e-liquid.

*The CE4 Clearomizers comes with a 24 hour DOA (Dead On Arrival) warrenty. This means you'll have to test the tank when you receive it and let us know if it doesn't worh within 24 hours of receiving it.

**Some e-juices are not suitable for this tank as it is made by plactic. These are, amongst others, strong menthol, cinnamon, cola, strong citrus etc. Pink Mule does not offer warranty for damage caused by these liquids.

You fill up your CE4 by removing the drip tip, hold it at a 45 degree angle and filling it directly from your bottle.
Do not fill it beyond the markings on the tank.

When changing flavour:
The new flavour might be missing for 1/2-1 tank full.
If you have the undiluted flavour at hand this can be avoided by dripping this directly onto the wick until it is fully saturated.
Then fill the tank as usual.






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