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Bavarian Cream DX - Perfumers Apprentice - Flavour

Preço: DKR 25.00
Sem impostos: DKR 20.00
Marca: Perfumers Apprentice Flavors
Código do produto: PAPA25
Disponibilidade: Em estoque



A delicious and intensive taste with everything you'd expect from Swiss vanilla cream.
Bavarian cream is often served with fruit sauce - perhaps from rasberries or strawberries. Why not try this combination in your e-liquid.
This is a flavour you will keep close to your heart and you can experiment with combinations of different fruit flavours - or maybe a hint of chocolade.
DX means that the liquid is without Acetoin, Propionyl or Diacetyl
  • 10ml Flavour
  • Based on Propylene Glycol (PG)
    Produced Perfumers Apprentice USA
    Botteled with no adjustments by the Pink Mule lab.


All flavours from Perfumers Apprentice is controlled and tested as consumer safe and all ingredients is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for use in flavouring.


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