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SvoëMesto Kayfun 4 Spares Kit 1

Price: DKR 98.14
Ex Tax: DKR 78.51
Brand: SvoëMesto
Product Code: KAY 344
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SvoëMesto Kayfun 4 Spare Kit 2 SvoëMesto Kayfun 4 Spare Kit 2 DKR 56.82 Qty:
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The Kayfun 4 main spares kit is in our eyes a must to avoid you having to put this superb atomiser down.

Whether a seal gets lost or broken whilst using your Kayfun 4 then this main spares kit is what you need. Including the most common spare parts (not all spares) this kit should get you up and back vaping in minutes.

The Kayfun 4 spares kit 1 is only compatible with the Kayfun 4 and no other Kayfun. The parts included and named below have drawing numbers associated with them to make easier identified against the assembly drawings included with the Kayfun 4 base kit.


  • 1 x 510 Screw (A1).
  • 1 x 510 Insulator (A2).
  • 1 x Silver plated spring (B12).
  • 1 x Oring 11mm x 1.5mm (B16).
  • 1 x Oring 10mm x 1.5mm (B18).
  • 1 x Insulator (B15).
  • 1 x Deck Insulator (B19).
  • 4 x Coil mounting screws (B21-B24).
  • 1 x AFC grub screw (B13).
  • 2 x Oring - Tank 17mm x 1mm (C27 & D34).
  • 2 x Oring - Glass 19mm x 1,5mm (C29 & C31).
  • 1 x Oring - Fillport 5mm x 1.5mm (D36).
  • 1 x Oring - Fillport 10mm x 1mm (D37).
  • 2 x Oring - Drip tip 6mm x 1.5mm (D39 & D40).

The materials used are of quality materials:

  • Insulators: POM-C.
  • Orings: NBR 70.
  • Spring: Silver plated copper (CU Be 2).
  • Screws: Stainless steel.


*Additional Spares kits 2 & 3 are available to be purchased separately and the above kit does not include those parts.










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